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Leigh Anne Canner

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Recalculating My Pathway
Recalculating Directory
List of my:
- supports

- Math: will come in handy because many jobs require math.
-Computer skills:
-microsoft: important to know how to make a word document of power point.
-Adobe photoshop: good to know if company wants any photoshop work done
- Dance: good if I want to apply to companies, or teach/choreograph
- science skills: useful in wide range of jobs
-Responsibility: being responsible is useful because it shows you will be on time and have the appropriate things when they're needed
- Collaboration: means I will be good at team work and I'm always open for ideas
- Initiative: I will take responsibility for my actions, and I will stand up for my peers and my self.
Family: your family knows you very well and will be able to give you advice on your life, and your problems. They helped you in major changes like your first day of school.
Friends: your good friends can know you better than anyone else and can help you steer in the right direction and also give you advice.
Teachers/Guidance Councillors: can give you educated decisions on your problems and give advice based on academic goals. They've also helped you in other changes in your life like changing schools, and helping you through that.
-Library: the library has a wide range of books, dvd's, and computers you can use that can help you with future goals or researching career options.
- Job search centres: are very useful because they can use your past information to give you advice on where you can go from there.
-Your friends and family can also be your allies.
-job search centres can also be allies.
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