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No description

Bridget ubhuj

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of NEEDED WORDS

Period 6

Bridget Bunda Needed Words In previous years Jordan had (sung), but will not sing in the choir this year. Add words needed to complete compound structures Add the word that if there is any danger of misreading without it Add words needed to make comparisons logical and complete Add the articles a, an, and the where necessary for grammatical completeness Words or phrases that should be included in sentences to clarify confusion or correct grammatical errors. Needed Words The baby (that) screamed loud on the plane. On the weekends I walk in the park with my best friend and (my) dog. She heard (that) squirrels eat trash from open garbage cans. *I had to return the shoes (that) I bought yesterday. She had more apples in her basket than Carl (had in his basket). More fans will attend the Xavier-Hand football game than any (other) game this season. They saw a Blue Jay and (an) Eagle while bird watching. *He had bought a couch and (a) large armchair. .
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