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Yoga: Its Effect on Mind, Body, Spirit

It is my hope that this presentation will 1.) examine yoga as a practice through research 2.) provide an example of its acclaimed mental, physical and spiritual benefits through my own experiences with the mind-body exercise.

Nicole Vitello

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Yoga: Its Effect on Mind, Body, Spirit

Double click anywhere & add an idea Achieving enlightenment is essentially the goal in yoga practice. Through positioning, breathing and meditation, one has the ability to reach this state and "become one with the universe". Although it might be the province of a select few, enlightenment consists of seeing the inherent beauty in all things. In order to practice yoga successfully, one must come to the mat with a clear head. A sense of inner peace must be maintained throughout the session as this mentality lends itself to eventual self-actualization. Conquering personal inhibitions is crucial to one's success in the yoga practice. Whether it is trying a new position or challenging the body to stretch further, one must harness the gumption to do so. This is a sterling silver sculpture of a woman in an asana, or yoga position. Yoga artforms such as this are placed in the home or workplace to reinforce not only the beauty in the pose but also the message that we are not machines but rather expressions of the divine and should therefore treat our bodies as such. This pendant resonates with one of yoga's main themes: the connection with the divine. As the woman is raising her arms up to the sky, she is essentially saluting the Creator(s). In this position, the woman is attaining a self-actualized state and appears to be achieving a god-like state herself. What is yoga?

Yoga literally means "yoke" or "union". It was developed in India about 5,000 years ago as a way to join mind and body to increase spiritual awareness. Yoga practitioners gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and learn how to focus their thoughts. (Brown) Yoga should heal, not hurt. More than 16 million Americans now practice it regularly. (Brown) My blog didn't go as well as planned because I didn't generate as many responses as I would have liked to.
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