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West Africa


T Loop

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa Region
By: Amanda & Timpani Countries of West Africa Benin
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Landforms Sahara Desert
The Sahel
Lake Volta
Lake Chad
People of West Africa Fulani More than 6 million
Located in, Nigeria, Sokoto, and Adamawa
Pastorial Fulani:
Travel with cattle
Settled Fulani:
Live in cities/villages

Fulani Holidays
Participate in Islamic holidays
Ramadan: A Feast after fasting period
Celebrate by visiting relatives and cooking special meals, much like Americans
Government Before the times of Independance, West Africa had a Colonial government ruled by the British and the French. They took the Aficans away from their homes to be slaves. They forced farmers to grow cash crops such as,
Palm Oil The Africans suffered from the shift in food crops
Farmers didn't make money and faced starvation They gained independance in 1957 and 1960 and became Republics. They believe in equality and liberty. They have an Executive branch, Legislative branch and a Judicial branch of government. But they haven't broken their economic ties with Europe, who whats them to export products.
Popular Culture

High up-rising in expensive property.
Rich cities
people can't afford the houses
Rapid growth in slum towns
Only the brightest boys attend high-school
Girls have few chances to go to school
Physical Geography Rivers Senegal river
Niger river
Volta river
Benue river Mountains Cameroon Mt. 13354ft. Plateaus Adamawa plateau Climate Wetter to the south
Drier to the north
Land Varies Citations http.//explaningafrica.matrix.msu.edu/students/curriculum/m17/activity2.php http.//www.britannica.com/EBcheacked/topic/5060/Adamawa-Plateau http.//www.peakware.com/areas.html?a=1323 SmithGibbs, Journey Through Africa,Layton, UT84041.2008 HoehnerJane,Fulani,World Cultures,Detroit, London publisher: Thomas L. Roming.1999 Now African's use and eat their own crops.The West African nations have formed ECOWAS, which is an organization designed to increase trade among themselves and to hopefully decrease poverty by 50% by 2015. Visiting West Africa
Yes, we would like to visit West Africa today because it has changed so much. Modern day West Africa looks much like America, with tall buildings and modern homes. There is also indoor plumbing and clean running water. Another reason we would like to visit this region is to see the many different cultures and backgrounds. It might be fun to attend one of the many different festivals and dances that are held in West Africa. We would also like to see the different land forms and features of West Africa. We are especially interested in seeing the Sahara desert and how people make their living in that portion of West Africa.
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