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Rates and Ratios :)

No description

Maddie Bass

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Rates and Ratios :)

Rates and Ratios Joey got a package of M&M's from his grandma for his birthday. In the package were 7 red m&m's, 4 yellow m&m's, 15 green m&m's, 9 blue m&m's, 3 orange m&m's, 2 purple m&m's and 5 pink m&m's. What is the ratio of yellow, orange, and blue m&m's to the total number? There are 25 students in Mrs. Eaton's 4th period algebra class. There are 9 girls and 16 boys. 3 girls are wearing blue shirts and 6 are wearing pink. What is the ratio of the number of boys, to the number of girls wearing blue? 16:45
16 to 45 16:3
16 to 3 ratio-comparing two of the same things
rate-comparing different things A car travels on the freeway at an average speed of 54 miles per hour. The car travels for 5 hours. Write this as a ratio. 54:5
54 to 5 There are 3 ways to write a ratio:
with a semicolon (x:x)
using the word to (x to x)
or as a fraction (x/x) Josh and his family are having a barbeque for his soccer team. His dad asks the team who wants hamburgers, and who wants hot dogs. 10 people want hamburgers, and 7 want hot dogs. What is the ratio of people who want hamburgers to the number of people who want hot dogs? 10:7
10 to 7 When Marsha comes home from school every day, she likes to have a snack. She usually has apple and orange slices. She slices the apple into 4 slices and the orange into 8 slices. What is the ratio of apple slices to orange slices? 4:8
4 to 8 Made by: Maddie Bass<33 Maria, who wears Harrison's jacket, has 5 of his. Of the 5 that she has, she only wears 3. What is the ratio of the number of jackets she has to the number she wears? 5:3
5 to 3 Are you reeeeaaaddyyyy for examples???? How about real life examples? Now get your whiteboards readyy !! :) 4th period algebra ! :o Mrs. Eaton D:
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