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Laos Project

Made by Erye An

E rye An

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Laos Project

Religion of Laos
Buddishm 67%
Christianity 1.5%
Islam 0.01
LAOS Geography
Laos is located in Southeast Asia.
It is landlocked and has countries such as China, Burma, Cambodia that border Laos. Laos is mostly undeveloped and still has many forests and trees. The country is covered with mountains and plateau. Religion
Christianity 1.5%
Buddishm 67%
Islam 0.01%
Animism 30% Climate & Weather Climate in Loas is very monsoonal, meaning warm and humid. However, it is also hot and tropical with raining seasons between May and October which has the highest temp of the year. The dry seasons run from November to April. During the dry season is the best time to visit Laos. However, mountainious areas are cold all throughout the year.
The average temperature is 29 C. During the hot season the temperature may rise to 40 C and during the cool season the temperature drops to around 15-20 C. Language Most Lao people speak Lao. However, there are quite a few people who speak french. Also hilltribes speak their own languages which can be very different from Lao. Lao is a language which is very similar to the Thai language, especially the writing. Religious Festivals Sikhotabong Festival - Takes places from Feb 5 to Feb 8. It is held at Sikhottabong stupa, located about 6 km south of Thakhek.
Traditional Clothes in Laos
Lao traditional clothes are very unique, although many people think it's similar to the Thai traditional clothes. It is very colorful and its history goes way back in centuries. It is designed considering the hot weather. Nowdays people do not wear this as often, mostly just for special occasions. Example: Traditional Food
Mok paa - ‘Mok' is lime leaf and other aromatics with
chunks of river fish wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed.
The ingredients may vary but this is the common recipe. It is
held together with a little sticky rice custard. Mok paa, or
fish mok, is a common dish enjoyed by everyone in Laos. Nem Tadieu - A unique salad of crumbled crispy fried
coconut rice and pork; fermented pork skin lends depth
to the dish, while fresh herbs and lime juice add brightness
and balance. Wrapping the crumbled rice into lettuce
leaves with some added herbs, banana flower and peanuts
will make it taste even better. Laap Tofu - Laap tofu is made by first frying tofu until it is crispy on the outside but still soft inside. This not only improves the texture of the salad, but also helps the tofu absorb the dressing. The addition of lots of herbs makes this salad fresh and aromatic. Visakha Puja - This festivals is to commemorate the
birth, enlightment, death of the Buddha. Many people chant, pray. Also candlelight ceremonies are held.
This is held during May
Boun That Luang - Fairs, beauty contests, music and fireworks take place throughout the week of the full moon, and end with a candlelight procession around the temple of That Luang. Patuxai, means Gate of Triumph. This colossus
is located in the centre of Vientiane. It's built between1962 and 1968. The Laotians built it
as a mark of respect for all those who
fought for independence from the French. Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan)
This park is filled with religious
sculptures and was built in
1958 by the philosopher
Bunleua Sulilat. Pha That Luang is a gold-covered Buddist Stupa. This was made around
the 3rd century but it has gone through many reconstructions. This monument
is highly respected and considered a national symbol. Lao Comedy Music Video Tourist Attractions History of Laos The history of Laos begins in 1353 when king Fa Ngum unifies the land. King Fa Ngum
established the capital at Luang Prabang. He called his country "Lan Xang". However,
by the 18th century there was a conflict between Burma and Siam (present Thailand).
During the World War II Japan occupied the French Indochina, which included Laos.
However King Sisavang Vong of Luang Prabang declared independance in 1945 from
the French took over around 1945 just to prior Japan's surrender. In 1949, France officially
recognized the independace of Laos. Boun That Luang Mok Paa Laap Tofu Nem Tadieu
King Sisavang vong King Fa Ngum This is the Llaotion flag Laos is truely a beautiful country...
So come visit LAOS! So.....where on earth is this country? I want to go somewhere...but I don't know where to go..... What about the flag? What is the weather like? ...and some history please? This is a Buddshiht Temple Ugh...I don't know what to wear... I want to know how to speak Lao..can anyone help me? My favorite......FESTIVALS! I'm starting to get hungry... and last but not least... Laos is a place for.... YOU
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