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Youth Advisory Committee

No description

Nihira Ram

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Youth Advisory Committee

YAC Highlights
Youth Survey
Where, when, why, how

Teens Cooking with BAM

Summer Marketing Campaign

Get Engaged : Is Voting Enough
Youth Advisory Committee
To AJHS Board of Directors
November 12, 2014

Youth Ambassador Program
2 Full Training Days

Purpose of the program

Created 2 marketing Kits
For distribution

Staffed 2 table displays in summer
Community Health Week
October 9

Adrianna Tetley - CEO AOHC

Dr. Roy Romanow

The speech captures the social determinants of health in a way that is most understood by all.
Don’t be poor.

Pick your parents well.

Graduate from high school. Go on to college or university.

Poor jobs equal poor health.

Don’t lose your job or become unemployed.
AJHS Client Satisfaction Survey
Number of Surveys to date

Preliminary information

Learnings from this year

Youth volunteers
Topics covered
Social Media strategy
New Partnerships
Highlights since last year
New programs this year
Youth Ambassador Program
Community Health and Wellness Week
Get Engaged: Is Voting Enough
AJHS Client Satisfaction Survey
Outreach for new members
Program Recommendations
Balancing work and school
Life after school
Life skills workshops
Tips from Dr. Roy Romanow
Make sure you are not always crunched for time.

Make sure you have the time and the opportunity – to participate in the things that make you really happy.
Tips from Adrianna Tetley
Outreach for new members
How I was introduced to AJHS?

What were my thoughts about AJHS prior to coming in?

What I think now ?

Where should we focus our work?

Youth Challenges
Balancing work and school
What causes stress in our lives?

How do we cope?

Life After High School
What causes us stress?

How do we find the time to connect with community?

What is the benefit of being involved?

What information is needed for students transitioning beyond high school?
Program Recommendations
Next Year
Information about AJHS and its work

Life Skills workshops

Online Social Media strategy
Primary Goal for YAC
2014 - 2015
Create an online presence
Online Strategy

Develop Workshops
New Partnerships
Yonge Eglinton Services

Food Security Network

Public Health
Supporting youth with a strong Social Media presence and focus may actually be in sync with supporting the AJHS in meeting Panel Size numbers.
Global Initiative
Arts and crafts centered initiative
Provide youth in public schools in India with the tools required for artistic expression
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