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The Kingdoms of Africa

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Brian Roberts

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of The Kingdoms of Africa

Gold-Salt Trade
The Kingdoms of Africa
Kingdom of Songhai
In 1464, Sunni Ali, ruler of Songhai, captured Timbuktu and establishes the largest of the West African trading kingdoms.
Songhai grew rich from trade across the Sahara.
The empire fell to Moroccan invaders who used gunpowder and muskets to defeat the Songhai who used arrows and spears.
Sahara occupies much of N. Africa and it acts as a barrier that separated the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa from the Mediterranean world. However, trade was never cut off completely. Camels caravans were used to cross the Sahara looking for gold in West Africa. Kingdoms in West Africa were in need of salt which is vital to human survival. These items were traded for each other as well as other goods and ideas.
Kingdom of Ghana
Founded in 750 CE between Senegal and Niger Rivers.
Made iron swords and spears to gain control over West Africa's major trade routes.
Ghana kings gained their wealth from taxing all trade that passed through the region.
Rulers of Ghana build a capital city and ruled in similar fashion as European feudalism.
Muslims invaded Ghana in 1076 and it never fully recovered from these invasions.
Kingdom of Mali
In 1240 the people of Mali conquered the old capital of Ghana and established a new empire.
Mali's most famous ruler was Mansa Musa. He made a pilgrimage to Mecca while also visiting Cairo. Observers were impressed with his wealth. He brought Muslim scholars back with him to Mali.
He commissioned a palace and mosque built in Timbuktu.
The kingdom collapses in 1400 under rulers who were less capable than Mansa Musa.
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