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Landfills and Recycling Centers

No description

Elizabeth McEntire

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Landfills and Recycling Centers

EPA (environmental protection agency)
The government agency
How do lanfills work
What is forbidden?
Batteries, household chemicals, motor oil, paint, used oil filters, and florescent light bulbs
Friday, March 30, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Here are just a couple
What laws regulate landfills?
How do recycling centers work?
Resource Conservation and Recovery

Federal Hazards and Solid Waste
The trucks do curbside pick up from the houses and they take it to the drop off centers who seperate the materials. They then make the materials reusable and efficient again.
If you take the recycled goods in by hand, the might just pay you for what you bring in.
Landfills and Recycling Centers
Who purchases recycled materials?
Consumers and the retail market
What recycles material has biggest demand?
Lanfill picture
Disease/disorders related to old dumps
Skin could burn, vision impaired, lung damage, and when absorbed intothe blood stream it can damage blood, nervous system, liver, and kidneys

Polycytherma vera, cancer, asthma, and even infectious respiratory disease
No one interested?
Then it is donated or kept until demand goes back up
Freedom Metals
Nearest recycle center in Louisville
What does future look like for landfills?
They are moving to being recycled and that they will eventually disappear
What does future look like for recycling centers?
More will be built and more people will take their products
Problems regarding landfills
Ground water contamination and the constant expansion
Problems regarding recycling centers
Not everything can be recycled
The bottom lenear system separates the trash and subsequent lechate from ground water. It then goes into cells where the trash is stored within the landfill. The storm water drainage collects rain water that falls on the landfill whereas the leachate collection system collects water that has percolated through the landfill. The methane collection system collects the methane gas that's formed during the breakdown of trash. Finally, there is the covering/ cap that seals off the top of the landfill.
APES landfill project by Lilia Hamilton
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