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wind energy

wind energy

tao han

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of wind energy

wind energy The reasons for the formation of the wind The Earth is unevenly heated by the sun, such that the poles receive less energy from the sun than the equator; along with this, dry land heats up (and cools down) more quickly than the seas do. The differential heating drives a global atmospheric convection system reaching from the Earth's surface to the stratosphere which acts as a virtual ceiling. Most of the energy stored in these wind movements can be found at high altitudes where continuous wind speeds of over 160 km/h (99 mph) occur. Eventually, the wind energy is converted through friction into diffuse heat throughout the Earth's surface and the atmosphere. Lee Ranch Wind Speed Frequency. Distribution of wind speed (red) and energy (blue) for all of 2002 at the Lee Ranch facility in Colorado. The histogram shows measured data, while the curve is the Rayleigh model distribution for the same average wind speed. Energy is the Betz limit through a 100 m (328 ft) diameter circle facing directly into the wind. Total energy for the year through that circle was 15.4 gigawatt-hours (GWh). Distribution of wind speed The strength of wind varies, and an average value for a given location does not alone indicate the amount of energy a wind turbine could produce there. To assess the frequency of wind speeds at a particular location, a probability distribution function is often fit to the observed data. Different locations will have different wind speed distributions. The Weibull model closely mirrors the actual distribution of hourly wind speeds at many locations. The Weibull factor is often close to 2 and therefore a Rayleigh distribution can be used as a less accurate, but simpler model. Wind Generator Wind Generator Wind energy is the kinetic energy of air flow. The higher air velocity, the greater the kinetic energy. People can use windmills to wind energy into rotational power to drive generators to produce electricity. Wind power degree, usually wind scale to that level while the wind may be ground or surface objects by the wind of the situation to be estimated. Current international estimates of the wind, line to Beaufort scale as the standard. Beaufort for the British admiral, in 1805's first wind-grading standards. First used only for sea and is also used after the land, and many times from amendments are as common today, the wind level. wind scale Actual wind speed and the Beaufort scale of the empirical formula is:

V = 0.836 * (B ^ (3 / 2))

B for the Beaufort Series, V is wind speed (unit: m / s) In general, the wind turbine starting velocity of 2.5 m / s, face and feel the wind shaking the leaves circumstances, had begun operating power, and when wind speed reached 28 ~ 34 m / s, the fan will automatically detect measured in operation, to reduce injury on receptor itself. The use of wind energy Power
Pumping (water or sea water) and irrigation
Mills Wind energy advantages Wind energy is clean energy source.
Low cost wind energy, wind power costs are lower than traditional power generation methods.
Wind energy facilities are not harming the environment.
Wind power is renewable energy, environmental protection, pollution-free. Wind energy disadvantages Wind generator effect birds.
Wind energy has intermittent in many places.
Wind generator's noise will be loud. Wind power usage thank you for your attention
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