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Plain Folk Ad

No description

Haley Linzmeyer

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Plain Folk Ad

By: Eva, Carley, Haley and Lauren Plain Folk Propaganda Observations:

·He is dressed like an "average Joe"
·His laid back vibe portrays a facade of a common person doing a daily routine
· Happy expression shows the happiness that consumers can have if they eat from Subway. POST 2000s AD Plain Folk Propaganda AD 4 Easy Steps to make your own Pre 1980s Ad This ad tries to convince average Americans that their lives would be much easier if they had this washing machine.
The mom and little girl both smile, which shows how happy the product will make the buyer.
It shows the ideal mother-daughter relationship; having fun together while doing chores.
The phrase: "Treats everything with loving care!" shows how this product will make you a better housewife and mother once you purchase it. Why?

· A famous person eating the same sandwich as a normal person creates a feeling from the audience that their life would be glamorous if they ate at Subway. {a "Plain Folk" obviously does not live a glamorous lifestyle and thus, the ad provides a connection between the two sides.}

· Their life is sufficient in comparison because the celebrity justified or legitimized eating at Subway

·He takes a bite of the sandwich -- creates the company (Subway) makes the audience feel like they support a USA Olympian just like the audience (Americans) do, because they share a common "idol" "hero" they are now seeing eye to eye Conclusion:
If you like American Olympian Michael Phelps.... Step 1: Find your target audience
Step 2: Locate a topic of common interest
Step 3: Hire appropriate celebrity for endorsement
Step 4: Promote the product YOU SHOULD EAT AT SUBWAY Plain Folk Ads
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