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The Medea

No description

Lateka Allen

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of The Medea

The Medea Chorus The chorus talking is an example of chorus ,"This I will promise. You are im the right, Medea, In paying your husband back. I am not surprised at you for being sad"-Chorus Medea Husband of Medea , Son of Aeson, King of Iolcus Jason Nurse Tutor Princess or Colchis and wife of Jason Was the tutor to Medea's children The nurse to Medea New Bride of Jason , Daughter of Creon Glauce Literary Terms Anagnorisis-The hero's recognition or discovery of his mistake, "
Chorus-A feature of Greek tragedy--A group who comments on the events in the play and the actions of the characters
Deus ex Machina-A character that is introduced late in the play to provide a contrived solution to an apparently insolvable problem
Dramatic Irony-Describes the situation that occurs when the audience understands something the character does not
Foil- is a character who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character.
Hamartia-An error of judgement that causes the downfall of a tragic protagonist
Peripeteia-A reversal-The protagonist may take action, expecting a particular result: only to have the opposite happen
Prologue-The opening action of a Greek play it usually is a dialogue between two or three characters and establishes the problem of the play
Tragedy-A play that features a protagonist who suffers an downfall, usually resulting from a combination of a flaw in his character or personality and circumstances Anagnorisis Friends of medea Chorus foil Medea is no longer the wife of Jason which makes her the foil, "O Aegeus, my husband has been the worst of all to me....Jason wrongs me, though I have never injured him." Tragedy Jason remarries, and Medea experiences a tragedy, "He has taken a wife to his house, supplanting me"-Medea Setting Creon Father of Glauce, King of Corinth Deus ex Machina Aegeus came in later in the story and offered Medea a place to stay. "If you reach my land, I being in my rights, will try to befriend you" Aegeus Hamartia Creon sentences Medea to exile, "...Medea, I order you to leave my territories An exile, and take along with you your two children..." Prologue The nurse talking would be the prologue, "How I wish the Argo never had reached the land of Colchis, ....For then my mistress Medea would not have sailed for the towers of the land of Iolcus Peripeteia When Creon let Medea stay thinking she was trying to plan her future instead she kills him, "ll the same you shall have your will.But this I tell you, That if the light of heaven tomorrow shall see you, and your children in the confines of my land, you die. Dramatic Irony When Medea gave Jason the dress for Glauce, "There, children, take these wedding presents in your hands. Take them to the royal princess, the happy bride, And give them to her. She will not think little of them." a.Exposition-The exposition is when Medea is mourning over Jason betraying her, and the nurse is fearing for Medea's life
b.Rising action-The rising action was when Medea murders Glauce and Creon dies
c.Climax- The climax is when Medea kills the children
d.Falling Action- The falling action was when Jason come to save the children but he's too late, he threatens to kill Medea and she leave on a chariot.
e.Resolution-The resolution is when Medea leaves to Athens and leaves Jason to mourn in sorrow. Plot Structure Mood/Tone The mood was intense, scary, lonely, Plot Medea saved Jason's life and she falls in love, Jason leaves Medea and remarries, Medea seeks revenge Incident By Medea seeking revenge it means she kills her own two children to hurt Jason Themes The Main setting is in Greece. Other settings include;
Corinth- The land in which everyone lives , Creons land.
Medea's house-Medea is inside her house screaming , and mourning, this is also where she kills the children.
Outside of Medea's house-Everyone comes to Medea's house to talk to her.
In the king's palace-This is where Glauce and Creon dies
On the chariot of dragons-Medea leaves on the chariot with her children bodies. The nurse recognized that Jason abandoned his children, "...So Jason neglects his children for the new bride." Cleverness
Trying to get over love
To what extent are we responsible for ourselves
Feminine vs. Masculine Protagonist Medea is the protagonist because she is the main character
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