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What did you take away from this session?

No description

matt walsh

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of What did you take away from this session?

Thinking through your own thoughts and actions
Discloses negative attributes
Allows us to keep an awareness of our evil twin
Highlights opportunities for improvement
Gives us a perspective on how we can embrace our high end patterns and how to employ them
Application of information within a real world setting
To reflect and think about applying the gained knowledge at multiple levels (department, student, colleagues)
Multiple Perspectives
Being aware of how to approach and effectively employ other identified classical patterns
Great opportunities for creating additional PLCs and PD/collaborative sessions
Presentation of material and interactivity in group discussion (interrelate)
Professional Development
What did you take away from this session?
Ethical decisions and reflections
Instructional Leadership
i.e classroom assignments on parental hearsay
Classroom Perspective
Special Education
Placement of students
Law versus parent preference

Content of material versus age appropriateness
subjective of material
*It is all about the students!
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