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Copy of Does Color Affect Readability?

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maurissa holloway

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Does Color Affect Readability?

The purpose of this experiment is to find out whether color of text correlates with ease and the speed of reading. The sheets of black and colored text will be read by test subjects and timed for data. The procedures will be repeated and recorded for a constant or vary in data. Asking test subjects on the reading will also support the data. Optical illusions can trick a person well enough to affect their readability so color may affect the readability. You can read black text or any colored text easily but with a variety of colors and words, you may have difficulty reading it if your eyes and brain really play optical illusions.
If a person reads colored text slower than black text, then that means the mind is playing optical illusions.
print out of colored text
print out of black text
timer/stopwatch (something to time with)
at least 10 test subjects
paper and writing utensil
1. Print out both sheets of test papers for test subjects
2. Time them with the black text first
3. Time them with the the colored text next
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3
5. Ask test subjects about the difficulty
6. Analyze and record results
Black Text (Seconds)

First Trial: Second Trial:
1. 42 1. 32
2. 44 2. 45
3. 39 3. 34
4. 42 4. 39
5. 41 5. 43
6. 42 6. 42
7. 45 7. 44
8. 44 8. 40
9. 41 9. 38
10. 40 10. 39

Colored Text (Seconds)

1. 49 1. 43
2. 47 2. 45
3. 42 3. 40
4. 43 4. 43
5. 45 5. 47
6. 43 6. 40
7. 45 7. 46
8. 49 8. 50
9. 45 9. 42
10. 45 10. 45

It turns out that reading in color does play optical illusions in your mind because it’s confusing wondering if you’re supposed to say the word of the color or the color of the word. I have observed some test subjects stuttering when reading the colored text and getting lost. The black text was no problem. The data shows me exactly that colored text is probably more difficult to read than black text since we read black text almost everyday instead of different colored words daily. I have learned a lot like it can get tiring and a little confusing reading colored text of different colors rather than a solid color.

My hypothesis was supported, meaning the mind is playing optical illusions to our eyes. Our minds are different from each other yet optical illusions are always there to mock us. The question I had in mind was answered by this experiment and a little bit of research I have done. Color can affect readability, but some people may find no problem since they can refuse to let their mind play tricks on them. I thought there could be some difficulty reading different colored text because I have tested it out once out of boredom on myself and it turns out it wasn’t quite easy due to the confusion in the back of my head.

If I were to do this experiment again, I would want to have the test subject take a break after reading the black text so that the mind can set up for the colored text. Maybe it will vary the results from last time if I did it like that instead of hurrying from black text to colored text.

Does Text
Affect Readability?

Research Question
How does the brain work with the eye?
(test subjects are numbered)
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