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Lesson 25 Robust Vocabulary

2nd Grade Storytown

Leslie Dungan

on 10 April 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 25 Robust Vocabulary

Lesson 25
Robust Vocabulary race juggling
preference attend feasible report area THE END alternatives accomplish If something is
feasible, it can be done. When you accomplish a task, you have completed
it with good results. When you make a report,
you tell what you have
learned or found out. If you attend an event, you go to it. An area is an open space or a part of a place. If you say you are
juggling many things,
you are working on many
projects at the same time. If someone wants to be
the president or a
mayor, he or she runs a
political race. If you have several
choices, then you have
alternatives. If you like one thing
better than another, you
have a preference. The town leaders' preference was to plan the new park so that it would be useful for everyone. When you serve people,
you bring them food and
drinks. serve The town leaders had to have alternatives while they worked on planning the new park. Now that he's mayor but still in school, Michael finds that he is juggling a lot of responsibilities. What is your preference of things to do after school?
do homework OR do your chores
fix a snack OR fix the family car
clean your room OR wash the dishes
walk the dog or vacuum the floor If you were to try to accomplish one of the following tasks, are they feasible?
do your homework
build a treehouse
clean your room
fix the car Would you like to attend one of the following?
an opera
a major hockey game
a musical/play
an art show Could you report on one of the following?
explain why the sky is blue
what life is like in New Zealand
why rainbows have their colors
what happens during the life of a bee Would you have to race to get one of the following done?
finish your homework in an hour
clean your room in 15 minutes
take a shower in 5 minutes
brush your teeth in 10 minutes
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