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Modern Warfare Vs. WW1

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michael alfeche

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Modern Warfare Vs. WW1

Strategies of WWII are naval landing, air assault attacks from the air, Blitzkrieg fast moving assault used by Germans, strategic bombing used to destroy important things behind enemy lines, siege warfare surround the enemy and attack, carrier action air craft from carries attack naval, naval action gunship battle and defensive line hold and then counter attack.
Battle Strategies of WW2
During WWII, one of the most common guns used was the Thompson M1 used by the US Army.

The Sturmgewehr was the first true assault rifle introduced by the Germans.

The bazooka one the first anti tank weapon based on heat shell used by the US.

The M1 Mortar was used by the United States in trenches.

The MK2 grenade a defensive grenade used by the United States that was introduced in 1918.
Weapons in WWII
Modern Warfare Vs. WWI
Michael Alfeche and Marcos Carvajal
World War I
World War I relied heavily on the use of mortars and grenades to either set up surprise attacks or simply clear out the trenches. In World War II, the individual strength of a single soldier grew drastically with new technology so the potential for infantry units grew greatly. However, technology also grew in the form of tanks, jet fighters, and other vehicles. World War I was more focused on deception to ambush an enemy in the trenches while World War II had many advancements. These advancements allowed troops to assault a location much easier instead of hiding in the trenches. I believe this is beneficial because very brutal methods were used to flush troops out of the trenches in WWI and these were less common in WWII.
Comparison of WWI & WW2
Bolt Action Rifle
Used by infantry in the trenches
Range of about 1,400 meters
Could fire 15 rounds a minute
Used as a close quarters weapon
Could be attached to the end of a rifle
Issued to almost every soldier in the war
Machine gun
Required 4-6 men to operate
Had the fire-power of 100 bolt action rifles
Must be mounted on a flat surface
Used as a defensive weapon
Used for the first time in WWI at the Battle of the Somme.
Developed to cope with the conditions of the Western Front.
Immune to small arms fire (Infantry weaponry).
Sturmgewehr 44
Mustard Gas
Used by Germany
Thrown or fired in shells into trenches.
Takes 12 hours to take effect.
Effects include: blistering skin, vomiting, internal/external bleeding.
Death took up to 5 weeks
Weapons in WWI
Battle Strategies of WWI
Mining Warfare - Used in the trenches. Involving digging under and enemy base, planting explosives, and destroying an enemy's base from underneath.

The Creeping Barrage- Artillery would fire at points of interest in no man's land followed by small, concealable, infantry units. The artillery fire would move slightly forward and so will the units. When they reached the enemy trenches, the artillery would stop firing, the infantry would throw grenades into the trenches, followed by waves of reinforcements.
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World War II
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