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Jack Br

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Jolted

The book
Arthur Slade:
Summary of the book
The author
Lightning doesn't strike twice- unless your name is Starker
Newton Starker
"One lightning bolt has my name on it."
More about the author
Newton is very brave because he is not scared of the wilderness, even though he could be struck by lightning at any time. He is also very brave for putting himself in danger for others.

Newton is super persevering too because he never quits on anything no matter how hard, how scary and or how dangerous something is.

Newton is also very active and smart. For instance he knows where to go and what to do when in danger. The thing is that he is active enough to do those things. If he had to jump off something or run from something he would have the ability to do so.

Newton even has a soft spot. He has a strong bond with animals. And will help people out no matter how mean or rude they are or were to him.

Newton is a born hero, don't you think?
For over two hundred years, everyone in the Starker family has died after being hit by lightning, and Newton is the last in line. Newton begins school at Jerry Potts Academy of Higher Learning and Survival in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Where Newton learns to survive in the outdoors. Preparing for the grand Expedition. This is Newton's chance to prove he is the ultimate survivor.

Will Newton survive? Or will he be struck by lightning and end the Starker race? You will have to read the book to find out.

"I thought you hated me," she said, her breath passing over his ear. He looked up at her, thinking she wasn't quit so tall after all.
"I thought I did too. But now I know you didn't make my kilt drop."

She forced a sly smile. "I'll think of something much more evil to do to you."
They were silent for a second, and she bent her head a little to kiss him on the cheek. He froze, surprised and frightened, having never been kissed by a girl other then his mother. But somehow it felt like the obvious thing to do. The sensation was amazing, an electrical current running from her lips to his heart and all over his skin, until his hair stood on end.

Then thunder cracked and he realized why he was feeling so electric. He pushed Violet away and staggered, trying not to fall.

"Newton!"She yelled, "What are you doing!?"
"Your in danger!" he shouted. "Get down!" He ran like a maniac. He had to get farther away, then she would be safe. He herd a sires of oinks coming from right behind him. "Go away!" he shouted over his shoulder at Josephine. "Go away! Please!"

A great boom like explosion shook the ground. A jagged bolt of lightning crossed the night sky and cut a line straight down, directly into the top of Newton's head.
Read aloud
By: Jack Brady
Newton Starker's Rules for Survival

1. Check the weather constantly.
2. Check the sky before exiting a building.
3. When thunder roars, run indoors.
4. Beware of cumulo-nimbus clouds.
5. Do not take a bath during a lightning storm.
6. Do not under any circumstances become angry. Count to ten. Breathe in. Breath out.
Thank you for listening to my presentation
I give this book 4/5
It is a great book for people that like thrilling and funny books, that keep you on the edge of your seat. This book is also a good choice if you like dramatic books. You would enjoy this book if you liked the Lorien Legacies series (eg. I am Number Four) or maybe even the Hunger Games.

"Newton’s Survival List is the filler and the glue that joins the chapters. The book is very easy to read, each short chapter a different part of his learning. There are some good survival tips for anyone in the book, as well. I would recommend this book for children and teens 8-14, but not exclusively. A fascinating, entirely different type of style and storyline to enjoy."

- Leslie Norman
Arthur Slade born Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada is a Canadian author. He lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He began writing in high school. Arthur has written many bestsellers eg. Dust, Tribes, Megiddo's Shadow and Loki's Wolves.

The genre of this book is realistic fiction. It is a chapter book. It is 203 pages and has 25 chapters.

The authors message was to never give up even if you have disadvantage. For example you can still win a race even if you have a hurt leg, as long as you try your best and never ever give up. Just like Newton never gave up even though he is more at risk.
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