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Social Media in

No description

Chris Young

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Media in

Good Practice Examples
How the main Cardiff Met channels are used
Goals and content plan
Define your audiences
Set your goals, why use social media?
Choose your platforms - Twitter, Facebook, You Tube
Create a content plan
Define measurable targets
Example content plans
Audience Awareness
Social Media Etiquette
Watch what you post - Policy documents April 2014
Mind your manners 'New tools, Old rules'
Not to be used for day to day student comms for messages better suited to internal platforms.
Friendly but don't get too personal
Write professionally
Be timely with communication (Seasonal posts/academic calendar/current affairs)
Social Media in Cardiff Met
Strategic Policy for April 2014
Social Media Etiquette
Examples of Good Practice
Audience Awareness
Goals and content plan
Social Media Structure
Staff, Tools, Training and Support
Social Media in
Cardiff Met

Prospective students
Current students
Graduates and Alumni
Business community, employers & stakeholders
Internal communications
Posts can be relevant to all these audiences
When they are not try and offer a slant for current students e.g. careers for a grad news story
Exercise - 10 mins
Apply the points above to your department
Create a content plan
Feedback to the group
What to post
Link to events in academic year (University Timetable)
Highlight positive news and events (Department/Main PR).
Ask questions and encourage interaction
Post photos of facilities and events
Employability - Highlight Alumni and for grad stories use #cardiffmetalumni
Use hastags e.g. #cardiffmet for publicity
Use #cardiffmetopendays for any open day posts
Get Involved with conversations - Use hastags e.g #highereducation to engage in conversations
Retweet and share with other departments (Lists)
Cardiff Met main channel - good practice
Sharing and internal comms
Follow internal areas of interest
Set up 'lists' of relevant internal posts
Use Hootsuite for multiple posts and viewing lists
Monitor University PR - Main channels/Google Alerts
Tag other departments
Use #cardiffmet for good PR posts
Use #cardiffmetopenday for any open day posts
Use #cardiffmetalumni for any graduate related stories
Main Cardiff Met
School of Sport
Example of sharing internally - graduate news story
Tag @Cardiffmet_Int
Tag @CMetAlumni
Tag @careers_cmu
Tag @CardiffMetSPORT
Staff tools,
training and support
Who will post? 1-2 main admins and/or a pool of representative contributors?
Use Hootsuite to schedule posts
Possibly share a Hootsuite account
Contact CMSR for branding assistance
Contact CMSR for advice on setting up accounts
E-mail - socialmedia@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Main Cardiff Met channels usage
Application deadlines
Joining information and new students information
Clearing arrangements and vacancies,
Accommodation reminders (in conjunction with accommodation team)
All Open Days are added as events to official page.
Sharing of specific content when produced, such as promotional videos and photographs and links to digital and print prospectuses
In Summary
Good practice - Main Cardiff Met
Set your goals
Find resources
Write your content plan
Branding and advice - socialmedia@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Connect with internal and external (use lists, tag and share content)
Measure impact against goals
Be aware of student recruitment
Use hashtags #cardiffmet , #cardiffmetalumni , #cardiffmetopenday
Measuring Impact
Against goals
Specific campaigns
Bitly URLs
Google Analytics
CMSR provide data
Exercise 3
Pick a goal or campaign from exercise 1
How and when you would measure it?
What tools would you use?
Is it quantifiable?
Examples of goals
To recruit students - Links to course pages
To raise the profile of the school
To engage with business - measure interactions
To improve Internal communications
To improve departments profile internally
To improve employability of students
To improve student experience - respond to enquiries
Repetition of key messages as described for Facebook where relevant.
Tweet/share video content
Promotion of Open Day dates at key times in the cycle.
Scheduled tweets for morning and afternoon of each Open Day (“Look forward to seeing you …” and “For those who attended todays Open Day, we hope you enjoyed and see you again soon”)
Tweet photographs from the Open Days
Tweet Vines produced at recruitment events (e.g. Clearing Open Day). The plan is to roll this type of activity out at more Open Days moving forward.
Embedding of #cardiffmetopenday hashtag into relevant tweets. To increase engagement.

Use #cardiffmetalumni
Use #cardiffmetalumni
Use #cardiffmetalumni
Use #cardiffmetalumni
Use #cardiffmetalumni
University social media profiles
Other content
People love stories
Content that inspires us
Content that makes us laugh
In the context of the University/ department
Follow Internal posts using lists

Cardiff Met Facebook posts- http://on.fb.me/1dn3EHh

Cardiff Met Tweets - http://tinyurl.com/pefmbj2

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