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Toronto Islands-Geography Final Project

No description

Tina Kim

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Toronto Islands-Geography Final Project

What Is It?

Toronto islands are created with the chain of small islands in Ontario that provides shelter for Toronto Harbors. They have more than 2 million visitors each year, because it provides a quiet and peaceful recreation that we can experience outside of the downtown. It has a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the city skyline.
Geography Final Project:
Toronto Island Proposal
By Tina Kim
Toronto islands were originally a series of continuously moving sand-bars originating from Scarborough Bluffs. Eroded stone and sands of bluffs was carried westward by Lake Ontario currents to create the islands. Then in 1858 a powerful storm separated Toronto’s eastern peninsula from the city’s mainland and that’s how the Toronto’s most important recreational spaces, Toronto islands were formed.
Physical Features
It has the area of 330 hectares with pretty flat landscape. There are trees that cover most of the parts on the islands.
It is located in lake Ontario about 1.6km south of downtown Toronto. The ferry docks are located at the foot of Bay Street and Queen Quay, they bring us to the Toronto islands.

There are 15 islands that are located in Toronto islands. These are some of the large islands;
Algonquin Island
Olympic Island
Forestry Island
Mugg's Island
It is the largest out of all. It is shaped like a crescent and creates the shoreline of the Eastern and Western Channels.
Centre Island
Human Feature
There are There are some businesses or public venues that attract a lot of tourists such as the ferry ride, Centreville, Far Enough Farm, Toronto island natural science school, Franklin Children Garden and beaches. Some current activities available are Toronto Island Challenge Course, yacht club, Tree tour, pedestrian/bicycle Trails, volleyball, softball, swimming and Water play, festivals boating, canoeing, disc golf, and dining.
There are more than 2 million visitors from
all over the world each year.
What needs have not been met on the islands?
Toronto islands are unique place where they have a preserved/protected nature, that is hard to find in the downtown places in Toronto. Yet, even though they are very entertaining and interesting with lots of different businesses and activities, there aren't lots of places where the visitors can actually learn about Toronto island itself and their beautiful nature.
nature, learning, appreciation
learning, attractive buildings
ART Gallery
There's no unique and modern designed buildings that can attract younger age groups in Toronto Islands. I think they should take an advantage of having a beautiful view by placinh some buildings that are more attractive and pretty.
There's not a lot of activities that can help people to actually capture the memories and share them with others to make this trip more memorable.
So i think there should be an activity that makes people to observe the nature more carefully and be closer to it so that people can feel appreciation.
Observation of nature, sharing the memories
modern building
5 Ws & How
An unique and modern designed building;
Toronto Islands Art Gallery

The main purpose of this gallery is to make more people to visit Toronto islands but at the same time, make people to come back, by making their trip more memorable.
How can my company address
those needs?
Everyone has different memories and perspective of nature. Also they might have different ways to express/share them. I would like to build this gallery because anyone get to have the opportunities to share their abilities and art works by displaying on somewhere that lots of people visit.
There might be lots of people with great abilities but have no place to share them.

Also people who visit the gallery get to learn new things; not just the information of Toronto Islands but many different cultures through all the art works as well, since there are many people from all over the world visiting Toronto Islands.

Lastly people get to observe nature more closely and feel appreciated. building this gallery would be a great idea because it will help the community to earn money, increase tourists, give people more opportunities, make people feel closer to nature and teach them new cultures.
My target audience would be generally, people in every age groups that are interested in art or who loves visiting galleries.

But i will be targeting mostly for families or people in the age of 20-30, because this building will be more modernized and designed to entertain more for the younger age groups.
I will be building this art gallery on somewhere that is calm and peaceful, with a beautiful view. So It will be built beside the lake with a great view of city skyline in the centre island (largest island)

How long would it take?
I will take about 1 year to build this gallery
To achieve this, my potential proposal is to put some art works that are done by
in the gallery by having a contest. People can take their perspective of Toronto Islands and express them through art (painting/drawing, photography, music/ audio, and literature). Anyone can put these works on the official website of this gallery and some of the best works that were voted from people through that website can be then displayed in the gallery.
Building plans
Paintings/ Drawings

Paintings/ Drawings
Music/Audio (CD)
Reading Area
There will be different sections the gallery, such as
drawing/painting, photography, music/audio, and literature. it will be decorated in pretty simple and clean designs with neutral coloured walls.
Opening Hour
The gallery will be opened, monday to sunday from 9am-7pm.
For the climate, since the islands are near lake waters, they have cool spring and summer and 2-3C on average for fall. During winter, the temperature is pretty much the same as the downtown area. There are more fog and low clouds on the mainland of the island.
Island Public/Natural Science School
, TDSB is located on Centre Island, with 179 students. 15% of them come from Algonquin and Ward islands, while about 85% of the students live in the city and take ferry transportation to school.

Toronto Island has a variety of transportation such as Ferry that comes every 15 minutes, bike, airplane on the small airport called, Billy
Bishop Toronto City, taxi on the mainland, outside of the ferry terminal, car and car rentals near the airport. Also the underwater pedestrian tunnel that will connect the Toronto mainland at the foot of Eireann Quay to the airport terminal at the Billy Bishop Airport will be completed soon.

The ferry is very close to this location and there's roads for driving a car beside it as well
Gallery will be pretty small so It will use about 6500 square ft of a space
Lots of other businesses, such as cafe, amusement park and more are located in walking distance but they are still kind of far away. Therefore there would not be a certain business beside it for the gallery have to 'compete' for.
It is very close to the entrance of Toronto Islands, so everyone will be able to see this building on their way of the trip. Most people would like to know about Toronto Islands before going in to the islands further and if anyone is interested in working on the art works for gallery, they are able to know that there’s a contest in the gallery as soon as they get in to Toronto Island.
Also, there are lots of home near by as well so even residents can visit the gallery easily.
There's some facilities in a walking distance so it is pretty convenient.
Lastly it is located around the nature and trees with a great view so this will also attract people to come not just for looking at the art works but for relaxation in such a quiet place as well.
Location Justification
Art Gallery
Why should it be built in here?
Proximity to transportation
Proximity to other businesses
Use of Space
Size and Scoop
The size of this gallery will be about 6500 square ft.
For the costs, on average it cost about $140 per square ft, so the construction fee for this gallery would be about $910000. If i include utility fees per year,(40% of construction) it would be about $1 274 000. We also have to hire workers, and will hire 20 workers, paying them $11/h, so it will cost about $481 800 per year. Also for the decorations including furniture and displays, it will cost about $2000. In total we will need approximately
$1 757 800
for the first year of this building.
However, on an average day, if there are around 400 visitors, since each person has to pay $4.00 to get in, the gallery will earn about $584000 plus some ferry money.
Impact Analysis
If there are more people visiting or even living in Toronto Islands because the of increased tourism, more people would drive cars, smoke and use more electricity. So they will create more carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, if there's huge amounts of carbon dioxide, it does not just create problems in Toronto Islands, but also it contributes to global warming.
If there are more tourists visiting Toronto Islands, they will create more garbage on the land and that can also risk lives of animals like birds if they accidentally swallow some harmful materials. Grasses and plants might die since more people would be stepping on it. Also it is possible for more buildings such as houses, restaurants, or stores to be constructed on the land for more tourists. First of all, if they construct more buildings, they will change the overall landscape of Toronto Islands by cutting down lots of trees to create more spaces. As a result, deforestation creates dry lands and takes away/disturb the natural habitats of many living creatures.
Air Pollution
Land Pollution
Water Pollution
Physical Impact
People using ferry or the activities that uses water like canoeing will increase if there are more tourists. Ferry is a major transportation to Toronto Islands and there are lots of activities that people can do using the source of water. That meas more chemicals or garbage will be thrown into the lake and this pollutes the water and effects marine creatures that are living in the polluted lake.
It is very important to protect the nature and environment of Toronto Islands by preventing and solving the physical problems. First of all, it might be pretty challenging but, i think there should be certain limit for the number of people that visits or settle in Toronto Islands as more and more people are visiting Toronto Islands because of the tourist attraction. Also, to prevent air pollutions, it is also good idea of use solar panels or wind turbines to generate electricity so that it decreases carbon emissions. Also, It should be illegal to waste any garbage in Toronto Islands to prevent problems caused by land pollution. These environmental problems are happening all over the world so it is best to let everyone be aware of importance of our nature.
Solution/ Prevention
There could be some negative impacts and some positive impacts caused by increased tourism. First, it is obvious that it will increase the population that comes or settle in Toronto Islands. Also there will be more traffic since more people will be driving their cars in the islands and because of that their will be noise pollution. Places that were used to be quiet and peaceful will become noisy and crowded. However, it is not always a bad thing to have more cars and people, because there will be more methods of transportation with developed transportation routes. So people can travel in the islands in more efficient and convenient way. Also it is true that there will be more facilities and buildings such as restaurants, malls and movie theatre that can entertain people. so their overall environment will be more entertaining and interesting.
However, there are lots of problems associated with people and especially if there are lots of people on a small islands, there will be greater chance for criminals or accidents to happen. For example, there could be robbery in some stores or restaurants in islands and there could be more people getting hurt so as more people comes to the islands, Toronto Islands have to be more responsible for many different things.
Human Impact
Now for the economy, the overall economy of Toronto islands will grow as more tourists visits, from many different countries (Basic economy) and possibly settle in the islands. However, as Toronto islands get more famous and developed, the house costs, utility cost and construction fee will increase dramatically. So there are always negative impacts followed up by positive impacts.
In my opinion, i think my idea of constructing this art gallery is a great idea that can benefit everyone.
It is not just a common art gallery where people just look around art works that are done by famous artists, but it is a place that gives people opportunities and motivation to try to actually accomplish something that can benefit their own life and others by doing their own art works. Toronto islands are such a beautiful place that captures the untouched nature that heals people. Unfortunately, many people are getting pressures or stresses. In Canada, almost 90% of students feel overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities. However, they have no personal place where they can have their own time to have some freedom. Most people are not really familiar of 'art', but it's not something that you have to be talented at in order to enjoy it, it is just another way to heal yourself and express your emotion. Pablo Picasso said that "art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" and i believe that if this art gallery can give these benefits to many people, it should be considered to build in Toronto Islands.
Individual Reflection
For the things that i did specifically before and after the trip, i researched about the Toronto Islands and looked at the map as well as brainstorming my ideas of a building that i wanted to build before the trip. After the trip, i started to organize my ideas and think about what program i can use to make my project more creative and interesting. Then i researched the islands further more and planned my ideas in detail

I think overall, i did great on managing my time wisely, by planning what to do each day. So i made sure that i worked on it little by little everyday and worked very hard to make it creative. However, there are some challenges and obstacles that i encountered. First of all, because i was doing this big project by myself, i had to put lots of pressures to myself to complete it in time especially because i had so many other projects and tests. But in the end, i think it was still enough time for me to finish it. Also because this project is about constructing the building, and i didn't know anything about construction, it was hard for me to figure out the size of the building and the cost. But i used real-life examples, such as my own house and school.After doing this project i learned that construction is a very hard job that takes lots of time, knowledge, planning and money.

Yes, i think i used creativity in my project by using lots of attractive visuals and different ways of organizing my ideas. For example i used few van diagrams to organize my thought in an effective way. Also i tried to add many pictures to make it more interesting for audiences otherwise, the prezi with lots of words in one picture may look boring.

If i could do this project again, and if i had more times to work on it, i would make this prezi look more organized. Because i had lots of words and pictures to put on in one prezi, the information looked little bit unorganized and scattered apart. Also maybe i should have summarized my ideas because i feel like this prezi was bit too long.

I would give myself 94.
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