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Gloria Blanco

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Kwabena"Q" Myorba Nonverbal communication in football the Quarterback The RunningBack quarterback often must resort to using non-verbal communication at the line of scrimmage, especially in noisy, opposition stadiums. A common non-verbal signal is directed to the wide receivers To indicate which receiver should go in motion from one side to the other, the quarterback will tap the hip of his center on the side of the leg in which the receiver is lined up, cuing the receiver to make his move. In the shotgun formation, the quarterback will use a "silent snap" by tapping his foot on the ground, indicating to the center to hike the ball the running back He runs with the football after receiving a handoff from the quarterback; or He runs with the football after receiving a forward pass or a lateral from the quarterback or another teammate

He does whatever else the coach or the quarterback tells him to do to make himself useful and help his team's offense to succeed.

The wide receiver An offensive player who is positioned at a distance from the end and is used primarily as a passing target

if lost refer back to frame 1 Linebackers They have to read plays quickly and respond, so they can be in a position to make the tackle. They will be called upon to blast through gaps and stop the run. They will also be required to drop in pass coverage, both zone and man-to-man The 'secondary' are those players on the defense that play in the backfield and cover receivers and backs going out on pass patterns. The secondary consists of two cornerbacks and two safeties and are commonly called 'defensive backs' The defensive line consists of one or two defensive tackles and two defensive ends who play outside the defensive tackles. The defensive line works with the linebackers to try to control the line of scrimmage defensive backs D-Line thankyou Kwabena Myorba
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