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How Mozart Changed The World

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Kass Baz

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of How Mozart Changed The World

How Mozart Changed The World
-Born In Salzburg, Austria on Jan 27th 1756
- Full name: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart
His Career
-People began to pay fees for the rights of his music.
-While composing his famous piece La Clamenza di Tito he started feeling ill.
-On Dec.5th, 1791, a few minuets before 1 AM, Mozart died of Rheumatic fever.
Mozart Composed over 600 pieces of music.
he was unique.
People did not appreciate his music at first because they didn't understand
His music became a hit later on
- Started playing piano at age 3
-Composed minuets at age 5
-at 16 he mastered piano touring europe
-1777 he toured with his mother hoping to find a court position but instead fell inlove with Aloysia Weber
Some of His Works
Early Works
La Finta Semplice (1768)
Bastien And Batienne (1768)
Mitidate re di Ponto (1770)
Late works
Don Giovonni (1787)
La Clamenza Di Tito (1770)
Sacred Works
-Series of Music

"Masses and Kyries" (1766-1783)
"Litanies and verpers (1771-1780)
- He wrote lots of church sonatas
He took pride in what he did
Images 2
How Mozart changed society
Mozart changed society in Anthropology because his music changed the backbone of modern culture. Without his perspective on music and his compositions, Modern Music would not have developed in its current form.
Mozart's effects on Western Culture
Mozarts music was created in the eighteen hundreds, Mozart's "Morning Mozart" Was played and still is played on the radio.
* Believe it or not; If Mozarts musical pieces didn't exist we might not even have our music today ( Rock, Pop, Rap, theatre ect.) *
Mozart is a prodigy "Astounding talent, astonishingly early productivity at the highest levels, and a powerful personality seem to capture the essence of prodigy".
His Works
Mozarts effects on Society.
Mozart changed society in sociology because....
He was the first to start the "fad".

People started forming groups
and fans, it changed the way people work together, and what they talk about.
Mozart Challenged society.
He challenged society by
making a change to peoples focus. Studies show that the longer you listen to the piano, the more your brain focus and knowledge increased.
The Experiment
In 1988 Scientists Conducted an experiment on the effect of music in the brain.
Gordon Shaw and student Xiaodan Leng,
attempted to model brain activity on a computer at the University of California at Irvine.
The experiment compared the performance of 44 students who had listened to Mozart against 39 students who had listened to Phillip Glass and 42 students who had waited some time in a period of silence.

All subjects were tested on their ability to solve paper-folding and cutting items,
The Experiment
The Results

the experimental session :

for the Mozart group:11.77,
for the Silence group: 11.6 and
for the Glass group: 12.15

Works Cited
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart /Oct. 25th 2013 / http://cornett.weebly.com/fun-facts.html
Fun Facts
About Mozart
In the morning when Mozart had to wake up, his father would go to the piano and begin playing a song. he wouldn't play the whole song; he would play the second last chord, leaving the song almost finished. Mozart would hear this and run downstairs and play the final chord. Today, this is called "Mozart's Alarm Clock".

The Mozart alarm Clock
Mozart enjoyed Billiards and Dancing. He also had a series of pets:
A Canary
A Starling
A Dog
and a horse
for recreational riding.
1.Mozart used to speak backwards
2.he could play with inverted hands
3.He was TERRIBLE with money
The Mozart Effect "a closer look" /Nov. 15th, 2013/ http://l
Uncovering the truth of mozart/ Oct. 25th,2013
How mozart changed the world in psychology
The Mozart Effect
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