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Psychological Aspects of Learning

No description

Jean Keelan

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Psychological Aspects of Learning

The Psychological Aspects of Learning
What does it take to be a successful student?
Abilities are the capacity to do
Skills are the ability to do some-
thing well.
What skills have you learned
in this class? What abili-
lities do you have?
What skills do you
still need to
According to Albert Bandura,
self-efficacy is "the belief in one’s
capabilities to organize and
execute the courses of action
required to manage
prospective situations."
a belief in
Motivation is defined as the process that
initiates, guides and maintains goal-
oriented behaviors.
Motivation is what causes us
to act, whether it is getting a
glass of water to reduce
thirst or reading a
book to gain
In this course, you have learned about academic
skills that will keep you organized and will
help you earn good grades. You have
also taken an inventory that
assessed your abilities. Now,
we will explore what else you
need to know in order to be
YouTube Video
Brainstorm a list of ways students
can increase their beliefs that they
can succeed academically.
Time Management
Reading Skills
Test Taking
Study Techniques
Divide into small groups of 2-3. Each group will take a section
from the article, "How to Get Motivated to Study" by Steve
Mueller" and read it. To access the article, click on the
link below. Discuss the section and be able to
highlight the helpful points of that section to
be presented to the class.
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