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The Great Gatsby

No description

t arseneau

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

Independent Novel Digital Essay
The Great Gatsby

thesis: money and power do not equate happiness.
This indirect characterization quote is from the narration of Nick Carraway. He is thinking of Gatsby's reaction to Daisy's demeanor on a night out when her husband, Tom, was out with them.
Supporting point 2:
daisy's choice of money over love
"I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."Ch. 1
Supporting point 3:
George and myrtle wilson's destroyed marriage

"All I kept thinking about, over and over was "You can't live forever; you can't live forever!" Ch. 2
The novella,
The Great Gatsby
, is an example of pursuing wealth for happiness rather than following your heart, only can end in a hollow and sad life.
"He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say: “I never loved you.” After she had obliterated four years with that sentence they could decide upon the more practical measures to be taken. One of them was that, after she was free, they were to go back to Louisville and be married from her house — just as if it were five years ago." Ch. 6
This quote illustrates the sad fact that Gatsby wants nothing more than for Daisy to leave her husband and he remains living in the past. I find this incredibly sad as it shows how sometimes people will choose to live in the past rather than accept a painful reality. No matter how much money he accumulates, he will never obtain his true desire.
jAY gATSBY's unrequited love
Daisy says this quote to Nick and Jordan as she voices her wishes for her infant daughter. This quote reflects Daisy's view that a woman does not benefit in a society that values men first and wealth second. A woman can only survive is she remains oblivious to the hurt the world has to offer.
This quote is ironic as Daisy's wish for her daughter is really her reality. Daisy is a beautiful little fool as she turns a blind eye to Tom and is too scared to leave with Gatsby. Daisy's outlook on life is bleak because she places the same value on her life as her husband does. Her choice of money of love cements her wish for her daughter's future; a future of materialism and shallowness.
This quote is said by Myrtle in chapter 2 as she is describing when she first met Tom and they began their affair.
This quote speaks volumes about Myrtle's character. She is more concerned with living in the moment and taking her pleasure rather than honouring her wedding vows. She pursues a relationship with Tom in hopes of moving up the social hierarchy and live in wealth.
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