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Copy of Dotsworth Case Analysis

BUAD 301, Prof. C. Perry

Betty Britten

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Dotsworth Case Analysis

Dotsworth Press Case Analysis Key Players Dick Garanti, Editor of Dotsworth Magazine
Betty Friedman, Head of the Affirmative Action Office
Mary Wilson, Dick’s editorial assistant that is pushing for a promotion
Bob Collins, Director of Personnel
David Smith, Editor, Reference Division of Dotsworth Press that is dating Mary Context Dick allowed Mary to take on more responsibilities to prepare her for a publishing position
Mary complained to the affirmative action department that Dick was preventing her from being promoted.
Affirmative action department placed a letter on Dick’s desk informing him of Mary’s complaint
Mary’s evaluation from personnel office due in few days
Dick cannot change Mary's job level because of budget constraints
Mary goes to Bob Collins in personnel office to complain Problem Statement Assumptions Mary has her own agenda that involves furthering her career in any way possible
If a job opportunity outside of Dotsworth opens up, Mary will leave Dotsworth immediately
In spite of her recent behavior, Mary is still a reasonable person
Mary’s letter was sent to Dick Garanti after she was unable find a job with her master’s degree. This can imply that she exhausted her resources in finding another job and decided to increase her income by applying unwarranted pressure on Dotsworth Press. Relevant Information Mary was working on her master’s degree in English
Mary was unable to acquire an editorial position for 3-4 months after attaining a degree
Dick generously gave her time off for job interviews and wrote her recommendations. Solution #1 Solution #2 Best Solution Implementation Dick Garanti faces the problem of how to professionally and honestly evaluate both her current performance problems and her employment success over the past year. Mr. Garanti needs to acknowledge areas where Ms. Wilson excels, but also must address areas that need improvement and set achievable goals before the next evaluation. If Dick Garanti presents an incomplete or inappropriate evaluation, a labor problem could emerge, negative behaviors will continue, productivity will decrease, and a potentially redeemable employee may be lost. Hire an unpaid intern for the clerical position. This will benefit both Mr. Garanti because he will not have to worry about Mary being upset while also maintaining the budget for Dotsworth Press. Advertise and hire an intern to assume clerical work.
Upgrade Mary Wilson’s position to Editorial Assistant - Grade 4.
Appoint Mary as the interns direct line supervisor.
Implement signed documentation of Mary Wilson’s job performance on a monthly basis. Evaluate Mary based on how she performed majority of the time and state in one-page assessment the problems that Mary has caused in the last two months.
Write an performance evaluation every month to observe her performance.
Keep Mary at her current position because Dotsworth Press doesn’t have the budget to hire another employee. Hire intern for an unpaid clerical position. There will no cost increase since Mary is staying at her editorial assistant - grade 3, position. The monthly evaluation will act as proof of her bad performance if she causes problems in the future. Mary will still feel frustrated and reluctant in completing clerical tasks.
Productivity might decrease and there might be sabotage. Mary will be promoted to Grade 4.
Will not have to worry about paying another employee because interns do not have to be paid. Advantage Advantage Disadvantage Disadvatage Mary could possibly maintain her negative attitude it the work place
The intern may not do as good of a job as Mr. Garanti expected
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