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The Kuna Indians: Molas

A powerpoint on the history and culture of molas and their makers, the Kuna Indians

Jessica Padilla

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Kuna Indians: Molas

The Meaning of Mola Mola means "clothing", or "blouse which are proudly worn by the women The Creation of Molas The San Blas Islands The Kuna Indians have resided in the Panama/Colombia area for centuries. Mola, Mola! One mola can take up to 100 hours to create which is about 2 months. Think about how much time you spend on homework. Inspiration? The Inspiration for Molas comes from the nature surroundings of the Kuna indians.
These include native animals, local vegetation, and the shapes of the coral reefs around the San Blas islands Pattern me crazy? The Kuna indians used a variety of patterns in designing their molas. Do you know what a pattern is? The Kuna Indians Molas are brightly colored applique panels made by the women in the tribe. The Kuna People make a unique form of art called a Mola Tell me what you see What types of patterns do you notice? Can you guess the main animal? They use various shapes to create pattern. What is a shape? What images have impacted your life? What is Applique?
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