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Hans Almonte

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of TOURISM DIRHAM

How much will the Tourism Dirham fee be? Is it one dirham?
Why introduce the Tourism Dirham?
If I am a UAE resident, am I exempt from the Tourism Dirham?
No, the fee will equate to more than 1 AED, however will be minimal. The fee has been scaled at varying levels according to the star rating of the hotel, classification of the hotel apartment, guesthouse and holiday home accommodation - ranging from 20 AED for a five star hotel or resort to 7 AED for a guest house.
Nobody is exempted; the Tourism Dirham will be applied per night, per room, without exception.

This is a tourism levy applicable to local, regional and international tourists.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is Tourism Dirham
Tourism Dirham Regulation
Visitors will soon have an extra fee to pay, what is the benefit for them?
The Tourism Dirham is a new fee, which is being introduced to help grow the tourism sector. It will be a minimal charge applied to guests staying in one to five star hotels; Deluxe, Superior and Standard hotel apartments; guesthouse; and Deluxe and Standard holiday homes.

The small fee will be payable per night, per room for hotels, hotel apartments, guesthouses and holiday homes and the resulting revenue will be used solely to fund the promotion and marketing of the Emirate, helping to grow and stimulate Dubai’s tourism and trade sectors.

The Tourism Dirham was applicable as of March 31st 2014 on a per accommodation unit per night basis.
The fee will be incurred by the visitor but is minimal but the benefits to the tourism industry to Dubai are high:
- Funds raised will help the continued growth of the tourism and trade industries
- Ultimately creating employment and business opportunities
- Enabling us to tell our story to more people and in continually advanced ways, it will also positively impact the continued growth of our destination offering, meaning that Dubai becomes an even more compelling destination
The Dubai Government’s decision to introduce the Tourism Dirham is based on global benchmarking – such tourism fees are customary in a number of the world’s top tourist destinations. This measure will bring Dubai in line with international industry standards, and with the resulting funds being used for the international marketing and promotion of the destination, it will help to ensure the Emirate’s continued competitiveness on the global stage.
Will special development zones and free zones be exempt from the levy?
No. All hotel establishments operating in the Emirate, including within special development and free zones, such as Dubai International Finance Centre and Media City will be obliged to pay the levy.
Is the fee subjected to Municipality Tax?
No, the Tourism Dirham will not be taxed. The fee will be added to a bill after the 10% municipality charge.
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