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No description

RaShel Anderson

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of RTI

Define our Vision:
Simplifying Response to Intervention
Develop a new way of thinking about our roles and responsibilities.
Implementing the Formula for Learning
Targeted Instruction + Time = Learning
Response to Intervention
Successfully engages a school's staff in a collective process to provide every child with the additional time and support needed to learn at high levels.
Throwing Out the Wrong Questions
What is Wrong With This Student?
What's Next
Define Collective Commitments
RTI is not a new way to identify students for Special Education.
Asking The Right Questions
Why Are We Here?
How Do We Stay Legal?
Doesn't require a lot of paperwork.
How Do We Implement RTI?
It is not a program. It is a systematic way to help all students learn the vital learning targets at high levels.
Understanding the Four C's of RTI
1. Collective Responsibility
2. Concentrated Instruction (Essential learning outcomes)
3. Convergent assessment (Ongoing)
4. Certain Access (
student will receive the
needed to
high levels
Schoolwide Collabortive Teams
Leadership Team
1. Build consensus on our mission of collective responsibility for students learning, coordinating team efforts to curriculum teams across the school.

Use our leadership team to lead the shift to a culture of collective responsibility
What Knowledge and Skills Will Our Children Need to Be Successful Adults?
Jobs: Technology, service, and innovation (ability to problem solve)
How Effectively Are We Preparing Students for These Future Challenges?
What Must We Do To Make Success the Reality for Every Child?
Rethinking the Pyramid
All Students

Intervention Team
Coordinate school's efforts to meet the needs of individual students requiring intensive support.
Help our Teacher teams define essential learnings and give to students (James example).
Deliver concentrated instruction and Tier 2 Interventions
System of convergent (common) assessments to identify students for intervention, determine their unique needs, monitor progress, revise interventions (continue to re-teach) and extend learning based on progress (re-test) .
Intervention Team (Youth Support) address motivation, attendance, and behavior issues
Set specific cultural goals on how we can work with our teams to ensure all students learn at high levels
MJHS Students are the focus, success is the goal.
Vision/Collective Responsibility
MJHS Students are the focus, success is the goal for
Goal: Educators at MJHS embrace high levels of learning for all students as the reason we exist and the the fundamental responsibility of all of us.
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