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An online demonstration for students.

Jennifer Belisle

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of AdvisingConnect

Follow your progress throughout college by reading notes from your
academic advisor.

The aim of advising notes is to create a record of a student’s advising contacts—the issues on which she has consulted, the advice with which she has been provided. This “institutional memory” summarizes the student’s past, and access to that information can serve to improve efficiency, increase the continuity and coherence of advisors’ conversations with the student, and provide, for the student, a more personal sense of contact, whether she is seeing the same advisor again, or some other advisor.
Log in after every appointment to be reminded of course recommendations, requirements, referrals, to do items, and more....
But you
forget to
take your own notes!
The notes in AdvisingConnect will not include the details of your conversation with your advisor. Notes are a summary of that discussion and will focus on the main substance, the goals and outcomes of the meeting, along with any expected follow-ups—who will do what.
Are you ready? Let's go.....
What is AdvisingConnect anyway?
Log in to AdvisingConnect using your OSU username and password. A username is your lastname.#

Watch this presentation first and at the end we will give you the URL, so you can do it yourself.
The very first time you log in, you will see this....
Read it....
The main page will look like this....
You are also able to see your assigned advisors. Did you notice that?
If you have multiple advisors and you are not sure which one to see for what - we will help!
Read your notes!
See your advisor regularly!
Have a great semester!
Click on AdvisingConnect
One more click and we will tell you how to get there!
View your assigned advisor(s)and your advising notes.
OSU Mobile
Download it NOW!
Full transcript