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UX Final Project

No description

Clare Zhu

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of UX Final Project

Prototyping Demo
Strategize Phase
Execute Phase
UX Final Project
--- BostonBallet.org

Sizhe Hao:
QA & Prototying & Screen Records

Zheyu Zhu:
Storyboarding & Prototying & Prezi

Zhao Wang:
UX Research methods & Prototying

Haoyu Zhang:
Usability Testing & Prototying
UX Research methods
Assess Phase
Usability Testing
QA Test
Email Survey
Card Sorting
Usability Benchmarking
A/B Testing
Email Survey
User 1: Female; IS Student; 24 years old;

User 2: Male; Mechanical engineer work in Boston; 28 years old;

User 3: Female; Biology PHD. 25 years old;

Card Sorting
Future Improvements
1) Rush Ticket: Put the most important info in the first page without scrolling by adjusting the position of pictures.

2) Make some improvements in future version of "shop" menu since it may be confusing for beginners for this website.


Facilitator Notes & Observer Notes
1) Buy 35 tickets for the show of Swan Lake on April 29th, 7:30pm for your friends and calculate the total price.

2) Order 1 ticket for Swan Lake performance on April 29th, 7:30 and select section 1. Then update the number to 2. And then before checking out, try to change seating section

3) Find out all shows that are kid-friendly.

4)Find out the latest time to buy a ticket before a show.(Like how many hours)

5) Find out the musician for Swan Lake performance.

1 Round 4 Participants 5 Scenarios
General Impression: Professional, easy to navigate, the purchase flow is clear-cut.

Modify 1
Modify 2
Usability Benchmarking
1 Round 2 Versions 3 Tasks
1) Calculate total price and discount of 10 tickets for Swan Lake show in May.

2) Buy 2 tickets for Swan Lake show on May 5th 7:30pm, and select seats in section1.

3) View shopping cart first, change ticket number from 2 to 3, and change seats from section1 to sectionB.

Further Benchmarking
Compare new prototyping with our competitor’s website.

A/B Testing
1 Round 5 Participants 2 Versions
1) How many points would you like to buy show tickets on this website (from 1-10)?
2) How many points would you like to revisit this website (from 1-10)?
3) How many points will you grade the user experience on this website (from 1-10)?
4) How much would you like to recommend this website to friends (from 1-10)?

A/B Testing
Case 1: Buy normal tickets

Case 2: Error handling log in(Failed)

Case 3: Error handling log in(Successful)

Case 4: Buy seasonal tickets (Failed)

Case 5: Buy seasonal tickets (Successful)
Thank You : )
1) The Filter effect in the show list page is not eye-catching enough and some of our testing participants didn’t even notice the filter.

2) In the group ticket homepage, the drop list of selecting show and time of the show is not in the right place. Some participants didn’t see them at a glance. They made several scrolls and it’s a waste of their time.

2 Issues
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