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Terrorism (911)

No description

Matt Beattie

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Terrorism (911)

Terrorism (911)
Introduction to 911
Problems caused by 911
Because of 911 America put a lot more money into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 911 caused loss of life and a massive economic breakdown on Wall St. It also made Americas very paranoid about flying
Where did it occur and who did it affect
It happened in Manhattan, Washington D.C and Pennsylvania on September 11 2001. This attack killed more than 3000 people. Citizens from 78 countries died that day including 343 firefighters and paramedics.
Why did it happen
What is my view on 911
What solutions were suggested for 911
One solution that took place to stop Terrorism was to take out the leader of the Al Qaeda . A group of US navy seals tracked him down the leader Osama bin Laden and killed him in Pakistan. It has been very successful, as Al Qaeda has not done another terrorist attack since the death of their leader. America and the rest of the world has also increased security at borders but more attacks have since this change such as Boston.
How serious was 911
Solutions I suggest to prevent terrorism
What was done to address the issue?
The United States responded by putting funds into rebuilding Lower-East Manhattan. They continued the ongoing war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shortly after the attack the USA took 762 suspects into custody but none of them were arrested for terrorism.
How important is it to solve Terrorism
Possibly a group of people could study terrorist behavior, tactics and previous indicators so that they can see a terrorist attack about to happen before it actually does and prepare. Another solution could be to raise awareness and tell people that if they see something suspicious then talk to officials.
Extreme islamist wanted revenge on America for their ongoing support of Israel, their involvement in the Persian Golf War and their military presence in the Middle East.
The ongoing cost of the War on Terror, the cultural, political, religious and social implications and costs are massive, There needs to be a permanent solution to stop all terrorism
It brought terrorism to the world stage. No one had really seen an act of terrorism to that extent before. After the attack everyone was aware and were scared.
My view on terrorism is that we have to continue to fight against the enemies of freedom. Otherwise they will find us as a weakness and continue to do it and will be allowed to escalate over time.
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