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Dracula's Guest

1st short story NLO.

Kylie Conner

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Dracula's Guest

Setting Munich, Germany. It is “Walpurgis natcht,” which is held on the night of April 30th in celebration of the coming of spring. “According to the belief of millions of people, the devil was abroad – when the graves were opened and the dead came fourth and walked.” The air is filled with the smell of early spring but they are hit by a hail storm. “He said to the coachman, still holding his hand on the handle of the carriage door,” indicates that the story is taking place during the 1800’s when horse drawn carriages were the main source of transportation. The main character is staying at the Quatre Saisons hotel, but ventures off to a deserted village where he finds himself trapped in a cemetery which is located between two crossroads. The only attire mentioned in the entire story is the coachman’s “great, old-fashioned German silver thing as big as a turnip.” Characters: Narrator- Dracula’s guest whom remains nameless. He is an Englishman and very adventurous. He isn’t superstitious which is why he wasn’t afraid to adventure out to a cemetery on Walpurgis natcht. Dracula holds his safety very precious to him. Herr Delbruck: The German maitre d’hôtel of the Quatre Saisons. Dracula puts him in charge of making sure the Narrator stays safe. Delbruck sends for the search party that saves the Narrator. Dracula: The only mention of him is at the very end when the telegram he sent is revealed. He warns Delbruck of the snow, wolves, and night. Johann: The German Coachman. When he gets upset, he unknowingly reverts back to speaking his native tongue. He tries to convince the Narrator from going to the deserted village, but ends up ditching him. He carries a large watch. Soldiers: Made up the search party. They scared the wolf away and saved the Narrators life. Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker.
Kylie Conner's NLO. Plot: Conflict- The narrator lets his curiosity get the best of him and ventures into a cemetery on the night when it’s said the graves open and allow the dead to walk among the living. Man vs. Supernatural. The Narrator isn’t aware that Dracula is acting as his “Guardian Angle” and is the reason he is saved from the snow storm and “mystery being.” Complication- A sleeping vampire, named Countess Dolingen, awakens and conjures up a snowstorm. She is struck by lightning and returns to her “sleeping state.” Climax- The Narrator is knocked unconscious and dragged away by an unknown force. Conclusion- Herr Delbruck sends for a search party of soldiers who saves the Narrator at Dracula’s request. Point of View: The Narrator speaks in a first person point of view. “I began to wish, for the first time, that I had taken Johann’s advice.” Theme: The theme is human nature. If the Narrators curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of him, he never would’ve been in harm’s way. Dracula was able to foresee the events because he knew the Narrator was “English and therefore adventurous.” The Narrator leaves the Quatre Saisons Hotel with his coachman and gets his mind set on traveling to a deserted village. His coachman refuses to go, so he makes him head home while he walks to the village. Along the way, it becomes drastically cold and he finds himself in a cemetery. He stumbles upon the cause of the hail storm, a vampire named Countess Dolingen. She is struck by lightning and falls back "asleep." An unknown force causes the Narrator to pass out and he is dragged away. During his blackout, something has torn open his throat and left him to die. The Narrator awakes to find an enormous wolf perched on top of him, keeping him warm. A search party arrives and takes him to safety. Herr Delbruck arrives and shows the Narrator the telegram Dracula sent and the Narrator realizes that, for whatever reason, he is "under some form of mysterious protection." I really didn’t enjoy this story at all because I was confused most of the time. This made analyzing this story a pain in my bum. The reason I was so confused was because the whole story was a chapter cut out of the original novel, Dracula. It had a nice plot though. I think the story's narration was good because when the narrator wakes up, it's pretty shocking to see what he finds from his point of view.
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