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Evergreen Plainsmen Football

This is a presentation to help me become the next head football coach at Evergreen High School.

Steve Moore

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Evergreen Plainsmen Football

The Future
Evergreen Football
The Year Round
Football Program
Coaching Expectations
Inner Circle
Plainsmen Football
Team Pledge
I Right Gator Loop 34 Badger
King Right Zapmo Gator loop 34 Badger
Trey Right Flashmo Gator Loop 34 Badger
Trey Right Tacmo Gator Loop 34 Badger
Robotics and Automation
Why Steve Moore?
Step 1: Start Program
Step 2: Motor turns on
Step 3: Runs for 30 seconds
Step 4: Stop program.
Step 1: Start Program
Step 2: Motor turns on
Step 3: Photosensor detects light
Step 4: If photosensor stays farther from 1 foot away
from something then it will run forward.
Step 4: If photosensor detects light at 1 foot away then
motor will stop for 2 seconds and then go CCW.
Step 5: Will remian CCW until photosensor detects
object within 1 foot.
1. History/Tradition
a. 74 EHS football
b. 82 split
c. 98 split
d. 07 split
2. Community
a. Vertical Pipeline - Coaches/kids
b. CCYF/Pop Warner
C. Elementary schools
D. Track athletes
3. Energy/Passion
4. Magic - Bee Scum Water
- Skyridge Shirt
- Cascade Grass
5. Knowledge on building programs from the bottom up.
I Right Panther 34 Badger
I Right Seahawk 34 Badger
I Right Zapmo Panther 34 Badger 32
1. If you don't go after what you want,
you'll never have it.
2. If you don't ask, the answer will always
be no.
3. If you do not step forward, you will
always be in the same place.
Why am I applying now?
Letters of Recommendation
Questions for the Panel
1. PE/Weight Room?
2. In District Kids?
3. 3A/4A?
4. In Building Coaches?
5. How is performance measured and how often is it reviewed?
6. What are the key challenges of the job particularly in the first six months?
Why do I want this Job?
Why do I want to coach here?
What will a typical week of practice look like?
Special Teams
The Coaching Staff
"It would be great" idea
Youth Football connection
3 sport athletes
Community interest
Off season conditioning program
What experiences do you have with (lower socio-economic) student-athletes?
What part does football play in the overall picture of the school?
How do you handle criticism from fans?
How will you gain the players trust?
Parental trust?
How will you handle an irate parent questioning a player's playing time?
How do you define success for the Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity programs?
How will you increase participation in the program?
What steps will you take when a teacher informs you of a player's attitude while in his/her class?
What steps will you take to improve the overall grades of your players?
How can you change the football status from that of a losing program to a winning program?
How will you handle the winning tradition here?
What are your thoughts of replacing a popular coach?
If a player openly badmouths your coaching decisions, how will you handle the situation?
1. No discussion problems during a game
2. Agree to meet after or next day
3. Listen - do not interrupt
4. Don't dismiss or get defensive
5. Show empathy - I understand...
6. Clarity problem
7. Offer solutions
8. Get Closure - Leave door open
1. Is it Constructive or destructive Criticism?
2. Consider the source
3. Figure out if it my fault
4. Do listen objectively
5. Do ask for specifics
6. Do get a second opinion and do your own research
7. Do apologize, take ownership and responsibility
8. Do show that you are taking feedback into consideration
9. Do take corrective action
10. Do learn from it
1. Contact - Parent meeting, phone, home visits, letter home, office visits, email
2. Give your expectations for the program
3. Give your guidelines for the program
4. Have an open door anytime policy
5. Give realistic answers based on evidence/proof
6. Make sure we follow expectations and guidelines.
1. Communicate that he/she has my full support
2. Do not give special treatment
3. Follow team guidelines
4. Code RED
1. Follow team expectations regarding academics
2. Incentive Program (Good email/Grade = + points)
(Bad email/Grade = - points)
3. Find necessary help for student
1. Go over team expectations so each student athlete knows what to do and or not to do
2. Adhere to the team handbook
3. Make a decision that is best for the team
Sets the tone of the school year
Fixing problems
Alma mater
We have to make one
Separate, 40 and fun
Recruit, Communication, Team Effort
"There is no better feeling than stepping out on that field and stunning them all by doing what none of them thought you could.”
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