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New reporter training: Social Media & SEO

Training presentation for new reporters covering social media and search engine optimization.

Brian Smith

on 10 November 2010

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Transcript of New reporter training: Social Media & SEO

Social media and search engine optimization Iowa State Daily
New reporter training
Sept. 21, 2010 Brian Smith,
online editor So what's the big deal? Why should we care? Now what? We know we should use social media, but how? Sign up for accounts and choose a professional name (ex: choose janesmith and not ISUjerseychaser)
Find people with similar interests and begin following them
Follow people on your beat (great source of information) Facebook Assumption: you all have and use Facebook
So, let's talk about making good decisions on Facebook and using it for reporting. You represent the Daily 24/7/365
We don't want to tell you what you can and cannot do and we aren't going to watch over you constantly, but know that things travel.
As you saw in the video, 80 percent of employers are researching employees on the Internet. Include the Daily in your list of employers.
Friend people equally. If you have the city council beat, don't friend three councilmen and ignore the others.
Promote your own work and the work of your co-workers. Lie or otherwise be deceitful
Have status updates, photos or videos that showcase you engaging in illegal activities. (Even if you are 21, drinking pictures are not a good idea.)
Talk badly about the Daily, a co-worker or advertisers of the Daily. Twitter Who here has a Twitter? Getting started Display your real name
Include the Daily in your biography
Again, follow equally
Listen more than you broadcast
Promote work, crowdsource and ask for help
Interact with the community Lie or otherwise be deceitful
Talk badly about the Daily, a co-worker or advertisers of the Daily.
Private accounts
Tweet without purpose These are just the basics. Before we move on to SEO are there any questions on social media? Search engine optimizaiton You wrote it, now let's get it some attention "Forcing reporters to use social media doesn't work. But if they don't learn to use it, they won't be working reporters for long." Nathan Byrne (@nathanbyrne), eMedia Manager, KQTV, St. Jospeh, Mo. In the last 13 months Google alone directed more than 340,000 visitors to our website. That amounted to 40.7 percent of traffic. How do we capture more? It's about good writing, a smart, descriptive headline, links (in and out) and keywords. Headlines Important part of the story for search engines
Be descriptive; cute/puns don't translate well
Get the important keywords into the headline Exs: Cyclones, Iowa State, building names, people. Think like a searcher What words would you use to find this content?
Google Instant can help — see what popular terms are
Get these keywords into the keyword section on Blox Link and be linked Links are huge to search engines
Incoming links help search engines find your content and see its relevance
Outgoing links provide more keywords for search engines to crawl
Never say click here, the link text is scanned, make it useful The biggest factor? Quality content written for normal people. Think about how you would search for a story. Questions? smithbm12 Where to find me online brian.smith@iowastatedaily.com smithbm12 smithbm12 The link battle Getting around Twitter's 140 character limit Twitter will limit you to 140 characters per tweet
Use a URL shortner such as Bit.ly
Avoid shortners such as tinyurl.com that don't provide stats Social media what comes to mind?
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