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Making Connections

No description

Olivia Licata

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Making Connections

Dr. Doyle is an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo's School of Medicine on South Campus
He works for the department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences
His past research involved finding algorithms for classifying cancer cells in tissue samples
Who is Dr. Doyle?
Making Connections
Dr. Doyle attended Rutgers University for his Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering
His minor was in Psychology
He originally majored in Computer Engineering, but after seeing his friends lose their jobs he realized that the job market was not very promising.
Before UB
Dr. Doyle had always enjoyed Biology
He considers biological structures as systems of interlocking parts
He likes the aspect of fixing these "parts" when they break
Biomedical Engineering is a very diverse field; in which, one person's version of a biomedical engineer is completely different from another
For Dr. Doyle it became Imaging and 3-D Modeling of cancer cells
Why BME?
Dr. Doyle spent two years, during his undergrad, maintaining animal colonies and performing research in neuroscience under Dr. Alexander Kusnecov in the Department of Psychology.
During this experience, he learned that this was not the part of biomedical engineering that he was interested in
The wet lab experiments took a lot of time to get results
He much prefers the fast iteration of computational work
His Niche
Imaging and Bioinformatics
Medical students meet engineering
Introduce both medical and engineering students to pattern classification approaches and real-world clinical applications
The New Program
Spring 2015
basics of pattern classification and machine learning
formulate biological questions
develop accurate classifiers to answer these questions
mathematics applied in biomedicine

BE400: Pattern Classification for Biomedical Data
Director of research for a Ibris inc. Also one of its first employees.
Director of Research
Ibris, Inc. was formed in 2010 by Anant Madabhushi and James Monaco. with the Purpose of developing a quick and economical analysis of tissue from breast cancer biopsies.
The technology examines a high-resolution digital image of biopsy specimens.
An Informational Interview
with Dr. Scott Doyle

Senior Design Project
During his senior year Dr. Doyle had the opportunity to research with a new professor
The professor was working with algorithms to detect cancerous masses in images
Together they would create a start-up company...
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences
New teaching and research program
Shuffle off to Buffalo
Graduate School Life
Assistant Professor
After graduation, Dr Doyle went to Rutgers Graduate School as a Research Assistant while getting his Doctor degree for biomedical engineering
Teaching experiences
Other than working as a research assistant, Dr Doyle also taught graduate and undergraduate students in class or lab sections.
He was also a peer reviewer for submission to conferences and journals
Research Assistant
Dr Doyle was a research assistant and a member of the Laboratory for Computational Imaging and Bioinformatics
He has published over 20 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers.
Due to his success in research in imaging and analyzing, he has received a US patent and grant for prostate cancer research
Dr. Anant Madabhushi
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
Breast cancer biopsy
Dr. Doyle was a speaker at many imaging conferences and was the panelist and moderator for workshops.
He also gave many presentations on medical imaging and computer assisted intervention, bioinformatics etc.
Benefits from research
As Madabhushi put it “The problem is, anytime you have a human being in the equation, there’s always a question of variability,” he said. “What one observer calls aggressive, another may not.”
Assistant Researcher
Director of Research
Assistant Professor
Thank you
~Group 105:
Olivia Licata,
Vanessa Ho,
Jobin Joseph, and Myles Tan

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