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5.04 Evaluate Your Team

No description

Anicia Gunn

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of 5.04 Evaluate Your Team

5.04 Elevate Your Team
By: Anicia Gunn

Option One:
Create a 2-4 minute informative presentation where you share with Ricky at least three tools from this class that can help him.

You can use any format that includes audio and visual elements such as Prezi, Powerpoint, Vimeo, Youtube, or others. In your presentation, you should present the tool, define it, and explain to Ricky how to use it.
Tool #1: Control Your Stress
Ricky can try finding all his sources of stress and controlling them. And once he finds his source of stress he can get them under control. He also needs to try finding a positive coping mechanism other than his tablet to help him deal with his stress in the future.
Tool #2: Growing Your Confidence
Ricky can also try growing his confidence. He can grow his confidence by letting his boss know that he feels as though he is being taken advantage of by him at work. He should also let his mom know how he feels about not having a life like his friends and try to convince her to let him stay out longer.
Tool #3: Ask Strong Questions
Ricky can come up with some strong questions that relate to his situation and answer them. He could ask himself "Do I really feel comfortable working somewhere where I'm constantly taken advantage of?" or "Is there a way where I can retake my math class for a higher grade?"
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
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