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Acute Care Nurses

No description

Connie Mendez

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Acute Care Nurses

Acute Care Nurses Tools & Technology Knowledge Abilities careerI think that would be a good career for me! ~•Discuss illnesses and treatments with patients and family members. ~•Biology,Chemistry ~• Active Listening ~•Problem Sensitivity Tasks ~•Manages patients',pain relief and sedation by providing pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, monitoring patients' responses, and changing care plans accordingly. ~•Perform emergency medical procedures, such as basic cardiac life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and other condition stabilizing interventions. ~•Blood pressure cuff kits ~•Emergency or resuscitation carts ~•Blood pressure cuff kits ~•Medical nasal catheters or catheterization kits ~•Medicine and Dentistry ~•Foreign Language Skills ~•Helping people ~•Dealing with numbers and Science skills ~•Arm-Hand Steadiness ~•Dealing with a lot of medical equipment ~•Nurses with a master's degree in a different nursing discipline can complete a post-graduate certificate program in 2-9 months. New students will require 5-7 years to become nurse practitioners. Salary ~•Dependes how long you work,thats how much you get. ~•Every year the paided amount raises
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