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Branching out in Deaf Literature

Final Presentation for Deaf Literature

Samantha Smith

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Branching out in Deaf Literature

A comparative look at
ASL Poetry and Poetic Literature in Translation Branching Out in Deaf Literature What's the difference anyway? ASL Poetry Poetry in Translation So does this mean the terms are mutually exclusive? NO!
And here's why.... ASL Poetry Literature Combining Genres ...in translation Works originally created in ASL can be transliterated into English the same way that text can be translated into ASL. This fusion method combines ASL poetry with written Literature in a new format.

Spoken Word is a poetic genre that draws inspiration from the rules of poetry, storytelling, and the rules of textual literature

The performers combine multiple genres of literature and ASL literature together to create one piece. ASL Poetry can inspire writers to create solely based on the performance given, which lends power to the subsequently created written piece. Written text often times has the power to inspire performance art. Many ASL performances can attribute their beginnings to a form of written work. Essentially, each genre can inspire the creation of content for the other. They remain separate forms of ASL Literature; as one is derived from written text, and the other is constructed purely out of ASL. However they can utilize elements of each other in the process, therefore the two are interdependent. How does this work to combine both? The original piece is actually two separate poems that were spliced together by the collaborating artists Creators actively engage in simultaneous translation.
Each authors work needed to be translated into both ASL and English in order to be performed. Each authors work needed to be translated into both ASL and English in order to be performed. Works Cited "Nourish and Embrace... it will Thrive" The Two Faced Friend (ASL) Shakespeare as a Literary Icon Written poetry uses literary elements such as rhythm, cadence, rhyme, meter, alliteration, and assonance

For example: Iambic pentameter is a common literary device used in many Shakespearean sonnets and plays The main focus in written poetry is to convey an image/idea through written language. ex: To a Hearing Mother ex: Pygmalion ASL Metaphor "Nourish and Embrace... it will thrive" by John Maucere
Elements: Assonance, Meter

Overall Message:
Parents should love and accept their children even if they are different, in order for them to grow and thrive. Sonnet 24 by Monique Holt Well known author with translated works around the globe Best known for the usage of such poetic elements as iambic pentameter Multifaceted writings with layered meanings Extremely difficult to portray By Aneta Brodski and Tahani Salah Elements involved:
Elements Used: Employs the use of hand movements, space, and facial expressions Utilizes hand shapes, movement arcs and simultaneous action to express metaphor Physical performance art that primarily uses American Sign Language, classifiers, and gestures to convey imagery Written English text converted into American Sign Language Conveys rhyme, meter, alliteration, and assonance through the repetition of signs and sign movements "Nourish and Embrace..." Two Face Friend "I love you"
Seedling Tree Death Assonance: Movement to the right Rhyme: repetition of movement across the chest "Nourish and Embrace... it will thrive" by John Maucere Bowery Poetry Club Slam Featuring Aneta Brodski and Tahani Salah Sonnet 24 by Monique Holt (http://youtu.be/6PELXyhZT8Q) (http:// youtu.be/YJ1nN9Nx_hM) (http:// youtu.be/5e4w0f8fYhc) The Two Faced Friend by John Maucere (http://youtu.be/cSiquwxJAa8)
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