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Module 6 project- water pollution

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Jaema Pace

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Module 6 project- water pollution

Module 6 project- water pollution
6.01 Economic Relationships
Explain how the issue you have chosen affects your community. Be sure to include impacts you perceive to be both positive and negative. Polluted water affects less fortunate families who live downstream and use the water as their main source. In large countries such as India don’t have access to toilets, which causes hundreds of deaths to their people daily due to diarrhea complications. But not just them, it affects everybody because it is so vital in everyday life. The sushi we love to eat because its so flavorful and Fresh will no longer be sold due to the reduced amount available.
What do members of your family and community say about the issue? It’s a very serious issue. We need to do our best to conserve our water and keep it clean. Large companies need to find safe places to dispose of hazardous waste.
How does this issue affect households and local residents? It creates unsafe water to consume. We could be stuck having to boil all of the water we need before using because its contaminated. Would affect quantity demanded and quantity supplied.
How does this issue affect area businesses? Food businesses like Joe’s Crab Shack and Red Lobster would get hit the hardest with decreased sales because majority of their sales come from the seafood that’s purchased and eaten by customers. If customers become ill from their product, they’ll stop going there and those restaurants wont have any business or a income.
How does this issue affect our government at the local, state, and national levels? As I mentioned in the previous question pollution may cause people to get ill resulting in the decrease of productivity of workforce. Leading towards the national output to decrease.
How does this issue affect the rest of the world? The government would have to spend money for clean up efforts and crews to fix the situation. The cost of clean water remaining will increase because of how much is unavailable. Water travels and circulates, contaminated waters from other regions can spread to ours so its important that we make sure all of our bodies of water all over the country are not polluted.
How does the issue affect resources, goods and services, and finances? Businesses that use water regularly like the dentist office and hair salons will be affected because they use that water in contact with us humans. Hearing that there is an increase in polluted water may rise their prices on any services having to do with water. If people have to pay more for something, they will be less likely to continue doing it. People will make less trips to the hair salon to wash their hair because they cant afford it and the salon may go out of business due to low clientele and profit.

6.02 what are Externalities
What are the necessary conditions for any possible solution to work? People have to be willing to help, WANT to help. Make sure all solutions are valid and able to be put into action.
Are there budget or labor concerns? Yes, but it doesn’t cost money to keep our waters clean. There are many ways to help out. Members of the community have already started to make our beaches cleaner by decorating the trash cans and placing more on them, making them more noticeable and encouraging people to use them. The government would have to fund certain efforts and organizations such as clean up crews.
Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution? The public needs to be aware because it not only affects the people living downstream that use the water, but also local fishermen, tourist attractions and us too. Water is vital in our life we use it everyday and with almost everything.
What challenges are there to implementing each solution? Getting people to realize the cost of littering and polluting and the government’s approval.
How else might you judge possible solutions against each other? Determining which solution will better help the situation. The one with the best results or the one more people are willing to comply with.
What do your parents/others in the community say about the issue? The issue needs to be resolved in order to move forward. The people would like their clean water back to continue using it as a source of drinking water and more. It not only affects the water as of drinking but the animals that live in it. People can become sick from eating the infected fish or have to find another source of food as the fish die out from living in the polluted water.
Should possible externalities factor into the chosen solution? Well, water is a free resource itself and in this situation would be considered a negative externality.
6.03 how do externalities affect you
Give three possible solutions to the economic issue you are investigating. 1. Large companies should make it a necessity to dump hazardous waste in the appropriate areas. 2. The population needs to do a better job of keeping our water supply clean. 3. Also do our best to conserve all the water we can.
Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen? Because some people are lazy and don't want to drive to a landfill or specific dump site made for hazardous materials to be thrown away. They would rather wash it off down the sink or toilet, contaminating all drains linked to their house such as their faucets and showers.
What positive or negative externalities does this present at each sector of the economy? Businesses who supply fish and other seafood products will lose profits, nobody is going to purchase fish from infected waters risking themselves and their family or friends lives if they decide to cook for them. Tainted water also hinders profits we make from tourist, visitors don't want to spend money to go out of town only to find that the beaches are polluted and dirty, they can't go fishing or snorkeling anything fun that has to do with water. Which in Florida is vital because it's always so sunny, people are constantly at theme parks like Busch Gardens and Adventure Island.
What incentives do individuals, businesses, and government have to act on each possible solution? Well the government has strict laws to help minimize water pollution. The laws are usually for schools, industries, and hospitals on how to properly dispose, treat, and manage hazardous waste and sewage. We as individuals are no different from those establishments, we need to do the exact same with the waste in our homes and recycle more. "Don't pass it up, pick it up" as we say at Publix when there is trash or a mess anywhere in the building.
What are the externalities, both positive, and negative, that could result from each possible solution? The unsanitary water can cause many different illnesses and diseases. Markets and farmers businesses will do poorly if the water they use for their plants and vegetables is contaminated. The price of crop foods will decrease sending more money to the government because the lower prices will have customers buying more of the product.
6.05 analysis questions
solution 1 is a little costly and that's part of the problem, companies aren't going to want to pay a fee to dump their trash when they can just keep leaving it where ever for free. They also don't want to dispose of their waste properly but when they are blamed for the reasoning behind polluted waters and then fined and or sued they become angry. Workers could wash company vehicles at car washes that recycle water. solutions 2 is totally free! all you have to do is make better and safer decisions when it comes to water, contamination, and littering. this could possibly create some jobs like clean up crews and other programs that specialize in cleaning up our waters. solution 3 is also free, if anything it will save YOU money. Taking shorter showers. Sticking to the two minutes time limit on brushing your teeth and try not to leave the water running.
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For me solution 1 is the best choice to go with. You may have to come out of pocket but it cost to do the right thing! Trust me the fee you'll pay to dispose your trash is nothing compared to the fine you'll receive if caught littering or dumping waste in restricted areas. I feel as if this is the most important solution because large companies are the main reasons behind our polluted waters even though us as a community contribute as well, we don't cause as huge of a disaster. And if we could remove the biggest problem in water pollution, we'd be off to a great start. For example, the BP oil spill in the ocean. That would create more than just black water. Animals that live in the water would more than likely die, leading to a decrease in fish and other sea creatures that are captured and sold to restaurants we like to eat at such as Red Lobsters. Lowering the profits they make which will lead to them going out of business.
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