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Lord of the flies

Concept Map

Ebonie Burritt

on 6 January 2011

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Transcript of Lord of the flies

Civilization Savagery The Conch Shell Ralph The Rescue Fire Piggy's Specs Jack The Lord of the Flies The Beast Vs. Order Authority Brought the boys together Hope Life Teamwork Intelligence Logic Problem Solver Piggy is always the one who tried to think intelectually. He tries to think about things instead of just doing them, like the rest of the boys. The boys never listen to him, though, because he is an outsider. Piggy's specs were used to start the rescue fire. None of the boys knew how to start a fire any other way, so they used his specs to magnify the sunlight and cause enough heat to start a fire. Piggy's specs show the logic that Piggy uses. Piggy seems to be the only one of the boys on the island that uses logic to try and solve problems. “I’ve been thinking,” [Piggy] said, “about a clock. We could make a sundial.
We could put a stick in the sand, and then—”
The effort to express the mathematical processes involved was too
great. He made a few passes instead.
“And an air-plane, and a TV set,” said Ralph sourly, “and a steam engine.”
Piggy shook his head.
“You have to have a lot of metal things for that,” he said, “and we
haven’t got no metal. But we got a stick.” (page 64) Leader Kept Order Democracy Ralph found the conch shell and used it to summon the boys, which began the tradition of the conch. The boys voted for Ralph to be cheif. He beleived that everyone had a say. Ralph used the conch shell to keep order during the meetings. Only whoever held the conch could talk. "'We can't have everybody talking at once. We'll have to have 'Hands up' like a school'...'We'll have rules!' he cried excitedly. 'Lots of rules!' (page 33) If the fire goes out, then the boys will die, because they need the fire to eat, get rescued, and to stay warm. The fire sends smoke into the air, which lets passing ships know that there are people on the island. So they can get rescued and go back to their homes. "We can help them to find us. If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire." (page 38) When the conch shell was blown, the boys would gather for a meeting. The boys could discuss things that needed to be taken care of. Whoever held the conch was the only person who could talk, at the meetings. Piggy took the conch to Jack in hopes that it would bring the boys back together. The conch was used to bring order to the meetings; whoever had the conch could talk, so everyone wouldn't talk at the same time. When Piggy brought the conch to Jack, he hoped that it would remind them of the order that they used to have when everyone followed the rules of the conch.
"'Then i'll give him the conch.'
'That's what this shell's called. I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking.'
'And he won't be interrupted. Except by me.'" (page 33) The boys had to work together, or else they wouldn't be able to survive. Insanity Fear The boys put the head of the pig out as an offering for the Beast, hoping that if they do, the Beast will leave them alone. "'This head is for the beast. It's a gift.'" (page 137) The Lord of The Flies is not real, it is just a figment of their imagination, but they thought it could talk to them because the island was making them go insane. "Simon’s head was tilted slightly up. His eyes could not break away and
the Lord of the Flies hung in space before him.
'What are you doing out here all alone? Aren’t you afraid of me?'
Simon shook.
'There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast.'
Simon’s mouth labored, brought forth audible words.
'Pig’s head on a stick.'
'Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!' said
the head. For a moment or two the forest and all the other dimly appreciated
places echoed with the parody of laughter. 'You knew, didn’t you?
I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go? Why
things are what they are?'
The laughter shivered again.
'Come now,' said the Lord of the Flies. 'Get back to the others and
we’ll forget the whole thing.'" (page 208) "'Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!' said the head. For a moment or two the forest and all the other dimly appreciated places echoed with the parody of laughter. 'You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you? Close, close, close! I'm the reason why it's no go? Why things are what they are?'" "Smoke was seeping through the branches in white and yellow wisps, the patch of
blue sky overhead turned to the color of a storm cloud, and then the
smoke billowed round him.
Someone laughed excitedly, and a voice shouted.
'Smoke!'” Killed People Jack was the cause of Simon and Piggy's deaths. "The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee...Piggy's arms and legs twitched a bitm like a pig's after it has been killed. Then the sea breathed again in a long, slow sighm the water boiled white and pike over the rock; and when it went, sucking back again, the body of Piggy was gone." (page 181) Started the Forest Fire Stole Jack stole Piggy's glasses because they couldn't start a fire on their own, even though Piggy is practically blind without them. Fear Enemy The beast represents the boys own beast with in them selves. Showing them that everyone is their own worst enemy. Death The parachute man is flapping back and forth on the island, conjuring up a powerful image of its prolonged death. It shows the end of adult supervision. War Paint Mask Change When the boys began to wear the war paint, they started to change. That was the beginning of when they started to act like animals. Eventually, this animalistic behavior led to some of the boys being killed, and setting the island on fire. The hunters put on the war paint to mask their face, so that it would be more difficult to see them when they were hiding in the leaves. But, when they put it on, they were also masking their personalities, as that was when they began to act like savages. "He capered toward Bill, and the mask
was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness." (page 64)
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