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Breast Cancer

No description

alexis baker

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Breast Cancer

Advances in technology
Digital Tomosynthesis
Melanie Springfield woke up one morning and was taking a shower and notice a lump on her breast. The week before she had headaches all week long. She went to the doctor the next day and found out she had breast cancer,
( advances in breast,2012).
First warning system bra
Breast Cancer with over expression for CRBB2 study of the treatment Paradigm in metastasis to BRAIN
Breast Cancer
Outline of Presentation
Lymphatic System , Cont.
Affects of the Disease
unnecessary cells seep into the lymph vessels
Lymph vessel, capillaries, breast
containing of fluids
cancerous cells
cells get into blood stream

Phases of Clinical Trials
Presentation Overview
Disease Statistics
Body Systems
Summary and Conclusion

Melanie Springfield
African American
Demographics of people affected with the disease
Age ; 60-69
Race ; Caucasian , African American
Gender ; 98% women , 2% Men
Scale Statistic
World ; 1.5 million
US ; 40,000
Ohio ; 337.3
Life Expectancy ; 10 years
Survival Rate ; 41%
Statistics About The Disease
Lymphatic System
Healthy functions
flush fluids from tissue in the body
absorb fat and to the circulatory system
create immune cells
right lymph duct, cervical lymph node, axillary lymph nope, spleen & tonsil
Key Mechanisms and Processes
Removes fluids from the body
Maintenance for healthy functioning system
Removes fluids, absorbs fat to circulatory system, and spreads white blood cells
Phases 0- Small trial (phases of clinical, 2012)
phases 1- The researcher what to find a safe dosage (phases of clinical, 2012)
phases 2- Does treatment has an effect on a certain cancer (phases of clinical, 2012)
Phases of Clinical Trials
Phases 3-Compare the new treatment with the current standard treatment(phases of clinical, 2012)
phases 4-Should be approved and is on the market ( phases of clinical, 2012)
Example of Breast Cancer Research
purpose- to investigate weather exercise training could reduce long term side effects of breast cancer( breast cancer with, 2013)
study type-intervention
start date- Sept. 2005
completion date- Sept. 2007
Hospital Perspective
Past- Transportation was expensive & difficult.
Physicians were cheap.
Present- Easy to transport patient from a simple setting to a tertiary institution. Physicians are expensive.
General Business Model
(Wunker & Waldeck, 2009)
University Hospital
Total Revenue: 2.0 billion
Operating Income: 8.8 million
Community Benefit: 244 million
("2 0 1",2012)
Insurance Perspective
Revenue Stream: Health insurance Companies
Example of Breast Cancer Research
Genomic Testing for Primary Breast Cancer
Purpose- to use genetic testing on tumor samples to predict if tumors samples to cancer

Study type- observational
Clinical Aspects
Summary and Conclusion
Start date- May 2011
completion Date- June 2014
Some risk factors are:
being a woman
your age
your genetics

Summary of the Presentation
This research is recruiting people.
This research is completed.
Signs and Symptoms
Some signs and symptoms of breast cancer are:
differences in size and shape of breast.
generalized swelling of the breast
nipple discharge
change in nipple
change in color, feel of skin in the breast, and nipple area
Example of Breast Cancer Research
Brest Cancer Prevention Education
purpose- to test to see the risk factors and prevention strategies
Study type- intervention
Start Date- Aug. 2010
Completion- June 2013
This research is unknown
Example of Breast Cancer Research
Development and implementation of the Breast Cancer Collaborative Registry
Diagnostic test
Some types of this are :
Breast Self Exam
Clinical Breast Exam
Breast Ultrasound
Breast MRI
Ductal Lavage
Purpose- to get the patient information with breast cancer and their families
treatment options
Start Date- April 24, 2008
Completion Date- June 30, 2011
Radical Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Implications of the disease
Example of Breast Cancer Research
Melanie is currently going through chemotherapy
Her family supports her and takes her to her appointments
Her community monthly fund raiser for further research
They are still many people with Breast Cancer
Researchers are currently looking for a cure
Risk factors
Purpose- they want to find a treatment that can improve the brain metastases
Study Type- observational
Start date- May 2009
Completion Date- July 2011
This research is completed
Prognosis of patient's condition

( Breast Cancer with,2013)
( Breast Cancer with, 2013)
( Breast Cancer with, 2013)
( Breast Cancer with, 2013)
( Breast Cancer with, 2013)
without diagnosis, Her breast cancer would progress into the further stages
without treatment,something that started in her breast would spread all through her body
with treatment,
Multiple factors that may affect this includes:
the type of cancer you have.
the speed at which the cancer is growing at.
your general health and age at time of diagnosis
prior family history of breast cancer
("what does the, 2013)
("Breast Cancer -," 2013 )
Funding to preforming research
("Breast cancer risk," 2013)
Charitable foundations
Corporations ( through research and development departments)
Thought grants/ government
(Funding of Science, 2013
Road to Research
( Hartmann , 2012 )
What is breast cancer?
("Treatment for breast, " 2013)
A tumor that starts in the cell of the breast.
( what is breast, 2013)
What was the Prototype?
Cleveland Clinic put a vaccination in mice for the cure for breast cancer
Clinical Research
Phases 2-demonstrate the drugs efficacy and confirm it safely
phase 3- to prove that the promising effect seen in phase 2 are also obtained in longer groups.
( Development phase, 2013)
phase 1- import early insight and shaping a drug
(Breast cancer facts, 2011")
briana fpo
(SureTouch, 2013)
(What are the,2013)
(Four Stages of,2011)
Breast Cancer and Exercise (BREX)
("What does the," 2013)
(Genes Reveal Four,2009)
(Dugdale, 2008)
(Fighting To Beat,2012)
(what is breast,2012)
(Pellerin 2012, DOD chosen to manage breast cancer research)
(Komen, 2012)
(Hartmann ,2012)
("Human Tissue Sample," 2013)
("What are the," 2012)
Other factors are :
maintaining healthy weight
smoking cigarettes
eating nutritious foods
(Research saves lives,2013)
(Fortin, 2009)
("University hospital," 2013)
Patient Perspective
("Stage 1 breast caner,"2009)
Research of Breast Cancer
("What are the," 2013)

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("2nd annual race", 2012)
Widowed mother 3 children; One with disability(autism)
Goodwill :
Annual Income $33,927
Monthly Expenses
Child Care
Required monthly income after taxes
Required annual income after taxes Annual taxes
Required annual income before taxes

(zimmermann, 2013)
Road to Research
Preclinical Development
-They detect the tumor before it is clear to see.
-They measure the tumor in 2D and 3D
-They look at the growth of the tumor overtime.
("Breast cancer pre-clinical," 2013)
("Preclinical development of," 2013)
("Brain-computer interface for," 2011)
Road to research
FDA Approval
-This is the last stage the drug will be on the market
("Vaccines, blood & biologics," 2010)
Melanie Springfield
Melanie Springfield
1 Adult 3 children
What Is Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer occurs when cells in the breast divide and grow without normal control. Between 50 and 75 percent of breast cancers begin in the ducts, 10 to 15 percent begin in the lobules and a few begin in other breast tissues [4].

Tumors in the breast tend to grow slowly. By the time a lump is large enough to feel, it may have been growing for as long as 10 years. However, some tumors are aggressive and grow much more rapidly.
("What does medicare," 2013)
Part A:
Hospital care
Skilled Nursing home care Hospice
Home Health Service
Part B:
Medically Necessary Services
Prevention Services
Part A:

( Varies phenotypes of,2013)
Body System
Lymphatic System
circulatory system
Sure Touch
First Warning Bra
Digital Tomosynthesis
Hormonal therapy
Drug Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Sentinel Node Biopsy
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