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Kathryn Foley

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of project

21st Century Skills in the classroom Individually Write down why you brought
the different pieces of
technology with you that
you did today. Small Group Share and compare what
you wrote at your table Large Group Everyone share what you
discussed in your groups.
What do you have?
Why do you have it?
How does it fit in the classroom? Where he used to...
use paper & pencil and typewriter
use textbooks and workbooks
use chalkboards and whiteboards
use atlases and globes
use an overhead or opaque projectors
be reluctant to answer
struggle to hear
filmstrips and 35mm movies
learn in a classroom setting
Learning and Innovation Skills Creativity and Innovation

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Communication and Collaboration Information, Media, and Technology Skills Simulations
http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/peacemaker/TheGame.htm Cellular Automata
http://grant.robinson.name/projects/cellularAutomata/ Coffee Tycoon
http://www.bigfishgames.com/downloads/coffeetycoon/index.html Real Lives : Simulation
http://www.educationalsimulations.com/products.html He now can use...
laptops, Tablet PC's and computers
digital media and eLearning
interactive presentation tools
GPS, MapQuest and Google Earth
document cameras and LCD projectors
classroom response system
classroom amplification
DVD/VHS projection
distance learning and online education Life and Career Skills Flexibility and Adaptability

Initiative and Self-Direction

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

Productivity and Accountability

Leadership and Responsibility Gather into groups of similar content areas.
Your department has $7500 to update all of the classrooms in the department. Each classroom currently has a
- teacher computer
- projection screen
- television with VCR
- overhead projector With that $7500, you have the chance to purchase:
- Smartboard, $2,000
- Slide projector, $350
- Video projector, $500
- Document camera, $200
- Digital Camera, $150
- Printer/scanner/copier, $50
- DVD/Blueray player, $40
- Camcorder, $250
- Tripod, $50
- Stereo System with mp3 capabilities, $75
- Student computers, $500
- Headphones,$20
- Ipods, $150
- Ipads, $500
- Differentiation technology

Here are some things to consider:
- Size of classroom
- Student body size
- Workstations
- Content area
- Security
- Relevency throughout lessons and department WHAT ABOUT STUDENTS? Now an Art Project for you! On a sheet of butcher block paper, draw a line down the middle. On one half, draw the type of classroom you encountered in your Clinical 2 experience. On the other half, draw the type of 21st Century Classroom that you feel would be most beneficial to your technologically advanced students. Don't be afraid to draw ouside the box!
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