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Family tree

No description

Stephanie Lane

on 22 April 2018

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Transcript of Family tree

Family Tree
William Gansen
Marie (Theisen) Gansen
Got Married on October 4th, 1921
Born on Febuary 19th 1899 in Bankston IA
Died on Febuary 16th 1973 in Peosta IA
Born April 9th 1900 in Holy Cross IA
Died October 25 1970 in Peosta IA
Mary Lou
Fran Gansen
Robert Delany
Jane Gansen
Marjean Gansen
Joyce Gansen
Ray LaPoint
Elaine Gansen
Walter McFadden
Roger Eppler
October 24th, 1945
November 17th, 1943
Augest 11th, 1948
September 21st, 1949
April 7th, 1949
September 5th, 1959
June 29th, 1963
April 22nd, 1961
Born October 23, 1922
Died Augest 13, 1990
Born October 3, 1926
Died January 12, 2011
They had 7 kids who all got married. then they had 21 grandkids.
Born on May 25, 1923
Died on September 22, 1973
Born on Augest 25, 1921
Died on May 28, 1987
They had 9 kids. All of their kids got married and had kids. then they had 26 grandkids.
Born on July 8, 1926
He hasn't died yet
Born on March 26, 1929
She hasn't died yet
They had 6 kids who all got married. Then they had 18 grandkids.
Born on January 25, 1928
Hasen't died yet
Born on June 7, 1929
Died on March 15 2004
Born on Febuary 25, 1931
Has not died yet
Born on December 29, 1932
Has not died yet
Born on Augest 2, 1935
Has not died yet
Don't know when he was born but he is still alive
Born on May 21, 1939
Died on April 17, 1996
Don't know when she was born but is still alive
This is My Grandma.
She was born on July 25, 1940
She is still alive and very active
He was born on July 29, 1937 which is my brother birthday. Last year he died in a ATV accident on September 13, 2011
They had 6 kids and all got married. then they had 16 grandkids.
They had 6 kids also and all but one got married. Then they also had 16 grandkids.
They had 6 kids and all got married.
Then their are 14 grandkids.
They had 3 Kids
My mom Dina who married my dad Mike- 3 kids
My Aunt Angel who married Joe Hilby- 2 kids
My Aunt Marla who married Scott Lind- no kids
Mary Lou
Born Augest 7, 1942
Has not died yet
Was born July 4, 1941
Also has not died yet
They had 6 kids who all got married but 2. one of the kids who didn't get married died when he was 1 week old. Then their are 9 grandkids.
Erik teaches in a high school English class in Kuwait. Kuwait has lots of money because they have oil refineries their so they like to spend their money on random things Erik told me. Erik new that student council elections were coming up soon but one day when he went to school there were big banners on the school. Than banners had names of people who were running for student council. At the bottom Erik realized that they had big corporation names at the bottom of the banners. Soon Erik figured out that these kids had big corporations sponsoring them. On the day of the election outside of the school there was lots of free stuff. So they basically would bribe there friends to vote for them by giving them free things.
Elizabeth (Manusier) Gable
Everett Gable
Dorris (Chambers) Lane
Arthur Merle Lane
Kevin Trone
Rodrigo (Sarda) Mozes
I have a fond memory of when we built our house here on Berry Summit, or better known to us as "The Peak" since the views of the valley are so pretty. I remember the night my parents decided to purchase the property in 1994, I was about 12, and the property was located about 30 miles east of town in the mountains. We ended up putting a camping trailer on the property and built an outhouse right next to it (since camping trailer bathrooms can be a little gross). We camped out almost every night in that trailer over the next couple summers. My grandpa, Jerry Davies (my mom's dad) helped us, and we built our house from the ground up over the course of two years. My sister and I had so much fun those summers. We built forts in the surrounding fur trees, we hiked everywhere exploring the grassy hillsides and at night we would sometimes lay our sleeping bags out on the huge trampoline and sleep under the brilliant stars (since there was no other city light pollution to drown out the stars). I remember that there were so many shooting stars. We had golden retrievers as pets and one summer a litter was born and we kept them in the unfinished pantry of the new house (Their own personal, protected "puppy nest"). There were about 12 puppies running around inside the unfinished house and all over the property. That was a lot of fun. Of course, they all ended up going to different families once they were old enough, but we kept one boy for ourselves (Prince). He was my best pal, but unfortunately passed away a couple years ago.
Our house was finished in 1996 and as I entered high school, we officially moved up to "The Peak". What came next is a whole other chapter in our lives, but I will always look back fondly on the time we spent camping out, building the house and running amuck on the mountain.
He was born in Bratunac, Bosnia and lived there until he was four. In 1992, war broke out in Bosnia and his family was forced to leave their home, his brothers, mom and grandma were forced to walk for miles while his dad was taken to a concentration camp for seven days. It was a pretty horrific time for Bosnia, and he had some family die in the war. His dad got traded for a Serbian and was released to find his family. They were reunited and settled in a town called Illijas after the war. His family lived in the country and his family didn’t own a car so he and his two brothers would walk to school every day and night - the trip was about half an hour. He had cousins and grandparents that also lived close to him. His family owned sheep, chicken and a cow. They grew corn, potatoes and had a garden with tomatoes and cucumbers. They also had a lot of fruit trees like cherries, apples, pears and plums. He would play in the hills with his brothers and friends, and they would make forts with branches and leaves. At recess they played a lot of soccer. He lived in Bosnia until he was 14, and then traveled with his family to the USA.
Erik teaches in a high school english class in Kuwait. Kuwait has lots of money because of the oil refineries they have there. Erik told me because they have so much money they like to spend it on random things. Erik knew that student council elections were coming up but he had never seen them before. One day he shows up to school and there were big banners on all the sides of the school with peoples names on it that were running for student council. At the bottom he noticed big companies and corperations names. Soon Erik figured out that these big companies and coeperations were sponsering the kids for student council. When the day of the election came their was free stuff everywhere. So basically they would bribe eachother to get into student council.
Walter McFadden Sr.
Lillian (Berning) McFadden
Walter Jr.
Richard (Dick)
Pat McFadden
George Piemonte
MaryLou McFadden
Bev McFadden
Bev McFadden
Daryl Eggers
Lois McFadden
Dick Koos (Divorced)
Carol McFadden
They had 8 kids and 15 grandkids
They had 9 kids and 16 gradkids
They had 3 Kids and 1 grandkid
They had 2 Kids and 3 grandkids
They had 3 kids and 2 grandkids
They had 4 Kids and 5 grandKids
My Family is not the most normal at times. Like the time when my uncle proposed to my aunt Kathy. They were out camping I have no idea where when he was going to propose. That day he was going to propose in the middle of the lake while they were cannoning. That day it was too windy so they never went cannoning. After dinner that night my uncle decided to clip his toenails. Now I don’t know why he did but I guess he had nothing better to do. Kathy then went into the tent to play some cards. Rick decided he would go propose to Kathy then. So Rick went into the tent with the ring box and said “I have something for you.” He held out his hand closed around the ring box. “I don’t want your toe clippings!” Kathy said discussed. Soon my uncle assured her it wasn’t his toe clippings and they got engaged.
My grandpa was in the Vitnam war, he gort drafted.. He was a guard for an ammunition building. He wasn’t stationed overseas though. One day on accident a canon went off that was right by him. That caused my grandpa to loose most of his hearing. A year later he got and Honorable discharge.
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