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HPLS eLearning Workshop

Would you like to take an free online course or create one for others to take?


on 13 January 2011

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Transcript of HPLS eLearning Workshop

What is eLearning? Learning experiences supported by technology tools. Leave learner bored, likely with cognitive overload, and without new knowledge. create engaging learning environments that interest the learner, challenge her to think and reflect, and to practice new skills. Goal of eLearning... PROCESS OF CREATING interactive learning environments with support of new technologies. eLearning Design 3. creating some 'learning experience' to assist in the transition. 2. defining the end goal of instruction Workshop Objectives Define eLearning
Recognize importance of eLearning design
Continue investigating -resources John Dewey, educator in 1916 We learn by... ...by practicing, failing, improving.

...with goal & desire.

...in "real-world", on the job, online, not just in the classroom. 1. determining the current state and needs of the learner Why is this important? Need/value of eLearning from a CBA Provider's perspective

Reduction in time, money, & travel. Consistent delivery
Opportunities to support & enhance HIV/AIDS prevention efforts eLearning "e" Why does so much material miss the mark -LEARNING? Acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, attitides/values (KSAs).

Lecture by expert - student takes notes,
Testing of short-term memorization,
Competition and certifications. Manuals, training guides, and PowerPoint presentations converted to boring online 'page-turners'. Reproduce worst forms of traditional education = virtual boring classroom Schools persist in TELLING students what they need to know despite research clearly showing that it rarely works. Robert Shank “everything thats wrong with training can be summed up in four words - its just like school." We learn... Types of eLearning Conference - webinar Live, online, virtual... Training/classroom How to engage the learner? Make it INTERACTIVE!

After new content:

MODEL - show them how it is best used with case studies and examples.

PRACTICE - using new KSAs with role playing, simulations, discussion. upload docs
breakout rooms
Features: Features: just-in-time
rapid development tools Self-guided lessons Teacher-led course university
often blended
Features: Blueprint for build - development Based on the principles of instructional design: Blended example: Workshop BEFORE
self-guided lesson(s)
webinars and/or survey
just-in-time resources.
recorded webinars
discussion boards ELECTRONIC technologies
usually Internet, but...
speed, scale, access
too much focus here Exploring eLearning led by expert
usually boring and ineffective
WebEx, GoToMeeting Features:
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