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The great plains

No description

Joseph Corona

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of The great plains

The great plains
Created by:
Scott Corona, Arturo Calzada, Kassandra Ibarra, Sonya Hernandez
natural resources
The Great Plains has a variety of resources from differents states. Resources include 48 species of fish, oil, coal, and farming.
Manufactured goods
Goods sent out or created in the Great Plains are acutally every day item we use such as pencils, computers, drinks,and dairy products
Industry and activities
Daily goods manufactured
Agricultural lifestyle is the most common in the Great Plains. Industy is more of raw agricultural production and is manufactured to other major industries.
Winter temperature can get to below 0 degrees. Summer temp. above 90 degrees, and other seasons about 50 degrees F.
Climate temperatures of gp
There is about 4.9 million people living in the Great Plains. The state with the least population is Wyoming, and the most populated is Nevada.
There are over 150 individual mountain ranges in the Great Plains. Landforms include the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau.
Colorado Plateau
History and events
Mining began in Nevada which led to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Native groups were forced to reservations which is why they are commonly found in the Great Plains.
Polticial party (2012)
Majority of the population are Republican. Some exceptions include Nevada and Colorado
Political Map
Many native tribes and reservations are found therefore spreading the Native American culture of spirituals, prayers, huntings, and folktales
Famous attractions
The Great Plains is an expanded area of the United States and features many tourist attractions such as Mount Rushmore and The Colorado River
Mount Rushmore (montana)
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