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Circular Argument

No description

Quentin Alley

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Circular Argument

Circular Argument
An argument is circular if its conclusion is among its assumption, if it assumes what it is trying to prove. A circular argument fails as a proof because it will only be judged to be sound by those who already accept its conclusion.

Example 1
The Bible states that it is inerrant. This means that whatever the Bible says is true. So the Bible is inerrant. This is an example because it's conclusion is the same thing as what was stated in the two previous sentences.
Example 2
Women should be able to choose to abort a pregnancy, so abortion should be legal. This argument states that abortion should be legal because women have the right to choose.
Example 3
Parent: "It is time to go to bed."
Kid: "Why?"
Parent: "Because I said so."
Example 4
Kid 1: "He is mad."
Kid 2: "How do you know?"
Kid 3: "Because he is very angry."
Example 5
Cop: "Pot is illegal"
Dealer: "Why?"
Cop: "Because it is illegal."
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