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The Day I Was Born - Project - Social Studies

No description

Kayla Castillo

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Day I Was Born - Project - Social Studies

My Name Famous People Who Share My Birthday Birthdate The Day I Was Born Birthyear What Was Going On In The World At That Time? My Family My Birth
Statistics (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr My first name (Kayla) means
pure and beloved My middle name (Angelica) means
angelic My last name (Castillo) means
a person who worked in a fortress
or castle My mom named my first name,
and my auntie named my middle name. My mom chose "Kayla" for my first name because she likes it, and my auntie chose "Angelica" for my middle name because... ...her daughter always wanted her
name to be "Angela", so my auntie thought of "Angelica" and it became my middle name. No, I am not named after someone. "Joy" was going to be my middle name,
but my auntie suggested "Angelica" so my middle name became "Angelica" Kayla Brady is a famous person who shares
my name. She is from the soap opera,
"Days Of Our Lives" I was born in Women's Hospital, Vancouver.
I was born on Sunday, January 16 2000 at 2:56 pm
I couldn't find out how big I was
The Weather: Snowing
There was nothing noteworthy about the day My mom, godmother and I were there when I came home Who was there when you came home? Who is In Your Family Now? Right now, my mom and I are in my family What Does My First, Middle, And Last Name Mean? Who Named Me? Why Did He or She Choose That Name? Am I Named After Someone? What other names were being considered? What Other Famous People Share My Name? "Days Of Our Lives" Wins the 7th Soap Opera Digest Award
(1988) 3 IRA-terrorists arrested
in Amsterdam by police
(1986) Michael Jackson wins 7 awards in the
11th American Music Award
including favourite pop/rock male artist and favourite soul/R&B male artist
(1984) Paul & Linda McCartney
got arrested in Barbados
for holding cannabis
(1984) Paul McCartney got jailed in Tokyo
for holding marijuana
(1980) UK was hit by one of the worst snowstorms in the last 50 years
In Indonesia, a 7.9 earthquake strikes the western island of Sumatra on June 4, 2000 A destructive computer virus named ILOVEYOU spread by email shuts down computers around the world In Sydney, Australia, the summer olympics are held Windows 2000 is released by Microsoft Birthmonth 2 Earthquakes strike, killed 4, hurted 400 In China, 2 earthquakes struck in one day,
1 1/2 hours apart. A magnitude 5.9 quake
strikes Yunnan at 6:09 am. An aftershock at magnitude 6.5 struck 90 minutes later. The earthquake killed 4 people and hurt 400. 4,000 buildings collapsed and 10,000 buildings had fallen or damaged. Mom Jailed for Overdue library books Aaliyah R&B Singer
Born in Michigan
In first grade play she recieved the part of Annie
Performed on TV show "Star Search" with Glady Knight at 10 years old
In movies like Anastasia and Dr. Dolittle
She is named "Princess of R&B"
Also named "Queen of Urban Pop"
Died from plane crash in 2001 because pilot had cocaine and alcohol
Parents filed wrongful deathsuit against Blackhawk International Airways Yvonne Zima From "Young and
The Restless" Albert Pujols One of the best pure hitters of all time in baseball Mason Gamble Starred in "Dennis The Menace" John Carpenter Director of horror movies such as "Halloween" By: Kayla Castillo Thank You !
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