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class govornment liela

No description

m bammer

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of class govornment liela

Class Government

By Liela Andringa

Being part of the class Government gets you more involved and alert about the things that are going on around you. If you are in a position you get a $70 salary (in CA cash) and get to attend the government meetings. In these meetings you talk about the issues and events that are happening in class. I suggest you apply for the position you think you do best in. If you rock at writing you should run for Press Secretary and if you are a good leader being the Governor would be right for you. Running for a certain position is a lot easier than I thought when I walked up to the front of the class to read my speech.
When you campaign try making a poster of yourself and tape it in the glass of Mrs. Bammer’s classroom so your fellow students can see and be amazed. You can also make stickers or pins instead and pass them out to everybody. When you write your speech make sure it is strongly worded and if you want you could make the ending rhymed or super cute and sweet. It is important to have a message to the audience whether it is this or that. Don’t forget to say vote for me!
If you want to make it BIG you will have to address large audiences so why not try your luck in fourth grade. It is a non-threatening way to expose yourself to an audience even if you are somewhat hesitant.
When campaigning you have to strike the right balance. Of course you can brag just a little to tell how great you are but tell what you will do if in office. If you were running for Senator you might say that when you are asked to pass out papers they would already be out on the desks faster than a streak of lightning. The most important thing is to make the crowd want you.
Have Fun!
Good Luck!
Try Hard!
Do Your Best!

My experience with trying out for the class government was nice. When elections came around the corner of the first government voting ceremony I decided to try out. Of course I wrote a speech, got all the signatures and put a photo in Mrs. Bammer’s window. I was running for senator because you get to plan the class party’s but also pass out papers. Sadly I didn’t make it. I tried out one last time for third trimester and happily got to be press secretary. I did get pretty lucky because there were very little people bidding for office so some children were plucked from the crowd.
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