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The Interlopers by H.H. Munro AKA Saki

No description

Rishabh Parekh

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of The Interlopers by H.H. Munro AKA Saki

Plot Diagram
Hector Hugh Munro
Born in Burma in 1870.
Writer under the pen name "Saki."
Mocks Britain's
moral looseness

and for a
general failure
to prepare for challenges.
In the British Armed Forces during World War 1.
The Interlopers by Saki
By: Hassan Azeem,
Joshua John,
Rishabh Parekh, Period 3 - Ms. Bellon
Neel Patel,
and Faizan Sheikh
What does "interloper" mean?
1) A person who interferes in the affairs of others


2) A person who intrudes onto a place or region without consent
Thematic Question
How can anger lead to the ultimate devastation of people?
Anger leads to their doom.
Busy thinking of each other's doom because of land.
Quarrel in a fatal situation.
Realize too late, leading to death.

Holding grudges leads to barbaric ends.
Ulrich Von Gradwitz is
patrolling his woodland borders
to keep his neighboring enemy, Georg Znaeym away. The land was kept the subject of a lawsuit between both their grandfathers. Each family
illegally claims the land.
Inciting Incident
Ulrich walks off from his watchers and
encounters Georg Znaeym
in the woods; a sudden fierce wind shakes the tree they are standing under, and it falls, resulting the two being
pinned down together.
They decide to put
aside their
differences and
Since they are still stuck under the tree they
for help

The interlopers find that they have encountered wolves, leading to their deaths.
Rising Action
Both postpone their threats to after they get out from under the tree. They finalized whoever is rescued by their men first can
kill the other
As they wait, they began to get to
know each other
as people, not as nameless enemies.

Falling Action
They see figures
running down the
hills toward them...
Can you think of any other type of endings?
Represents the mens' consequences of anger, rage and jealousy.
Wine Flask
Represents forgiveness
The Rifles
Represents their grudges against each other.
The Tree
Represents the two mens' new founded friendship.
Ulrich von Gradwitz
Hates Georg for crossing
Believes Georg is a
"forest-thief, game-snatcher"
Georg knows the land is not owned
This causes a

Forgets about the grudge when stuck
Starts to be friendly
by first offering him wine
Tries to help Georg escape.
Georg Znaeym
Small landowner
Refers to Ulrich's land as a
"Stolen Forest"

Hunts in
"Ulrich's" land
Accepts Ulrich's friendship
Tries to help Ulrich to escape
Hold the other two main characters from doing their business.

Helps create the friendship between Georg and Ulrich.
Ulrich and Georg
- They both want to solve their problems: against each other and nature.

Ulrich and Georg
- Got in each other's paths.
The storm
held them from reaching their goal, literally.
Quick Fact!
Written during World War 1
This war was about land
that could not be reviewed in courts.
This is like the story!
Man versus Self
Have to let go of their hatred to each other.
Literally "Let it Go!"
Man versus Man
Man versus Nature
Tree, weather
and wolves
Man versus Fate
There is nothing either of them could have done to save themselves from the perfectly timed falling of a tree in a dark forest.
Figurative Language
"The roebuck, ...were running like driven things tonight...."

"We have quarreled like devils...."
"How the whole region would stare and
if we rode into the
forester folk
"The descending twig had
the skin of his face."
Situational Irony - Just when the two enemies become friends and we anticipate a dramatic change for the better in their lives...wolves.
"The Interlopers [ 00:05:50 ]." SOFAtube. Rochester Institute of Technology, n.d. Web. 8 Oct. 2014.
Lai, Emily . "The Interlopers by Saki." The Interlopers by Saki. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2014.
Pictures Courtesy of Prezi Images
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