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Social Media and the Job Search

Are your tweets hurting your career? This Prezi will provide an overview of social media and the impact that online platforms can have on your professional success!

Andrew Crain

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of Social Media and the Job Search

Social Media
and the

brought 2 u by the
Why should you care?
Today, first impressions are made online...
Negative Info Bias
admissions officers who use social media
employers who have rejected a candidate
Top 3 Reasons:
1. Drug/Alcohol References

2. Discriminatory Remarks

3. Poor Communication Skills
Digital Background Checks
Improving Your
Digital Identity

Decide What You Want Seen Online
Strong Online Presence vs. No Online Presence
What are your reasons for sharing online?
What do you want people to know about you?
(Pros and Cons)
Strong Presence
No Presence
Can be difficult to maintain a professional image
May enhance your marketability as a candidate
YOU control what information is available
Indicates transparency
Minimizes concerns about common social media mistakes
Others may post content about you, meaning you have less control over your online image
Can also be difficult to maintain
Are you hiding something?
Clean Up Existing Content
i. Take Inventory: Google Yourself!
ii. Delete Bad Content
(or ask for it to
be removed)
iii. Check Privacy Settings
Online Netiquette:
Do you play nicely with others?
1. Don't "Flame Out"
2. Customize your
communication: NO SPAM!
3. Mini-writing samples
4. Avoid TMI
5. Avoid NMI
(example: Rutgers student)
Write a detailed (1-3 paragraph) summary providing a bio, key skills, and career interests
Tips for Common Platforms
Get a profile now, complete it, and start connecting!
Join UGA-affiliated or other appropriate groups (professional associations, fraternity/sorority groups, etc.)
Keep your profile updated as you go through school/career.
Don't be afraid to branch out - it's ok to talk to strangers!
Use Lists, privacy settings, etc to manage your output
Be aware relationships may change over time - current acquaintances may eventually become networking contacts
Be careful what you like or share!
Balance usage between personal/professional goals
Try to create dialogue - engage other users, don't just rant or retweet.
Ways to engage with companies/industries/individuals on Twitter:
6. Don't post anything you wouldn't want to see on the front page of the newspaper!
Platforms to Consider

Source: "lol...OMG!", by Matt Ivester
Last Friday Night...
"Pictures of last night
Ended up online
I'm screwed
Oh well..."
Who's looking at your Facebook?
Define Your Brand
What do you people say you do best?
What skills/experiences/interests set you apart?
What do you read/post about most often online?
What interests do you think will continue into the foreseeable future?
Build a Bio
Consider making it...
(professional description)
(one word that is not boring)
(what is your niche?)
(share an accomplishment)
(one hobby/interest)
(share an interesting fact)
(link to your organization or other social profile)
Create Positive Content
Use a variety of platforms.
Make your brand consistent.
Cross Link Your Profiles
Ex: Connect LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc. or use a third-party portfolio or "landing page" such as About.me
Claim Your Domain
"Park" your brand name on popular websites to protect or reserve for future use!
Connect with Influencers
Discover possible connections via...
Professional Associations
Industry-related hashtags
Twitter search engines like BuzzSumo
Guy Kawasaki
Post Every Day
**Don't be afraid to reach out!
On your most important platforms...
Facebook - 2x per day
Twitter - 5x per day
LinkedIn - 1x per day
Google+ - 2x per day
Pinterest - 5x per day
Instagram - 1.5x per day
Participate in as many channels as possible
while maintaining consistency
Respond to messages/mentions within 24 hours (may set up email notifications for monitoring)
Tips for Maximizing Influence
Follow Through
Be prompt when establishing new connections, stay in touch, and always keep your promises
Give Back
Connect people in your network to each other, ask how you can help, make yourself available and be a good listener
Learn from Others
Find mentors and role models, ask for advice from others, tell people you're excited to hear their stories!
Take your profile "beyond the resume"...
Obtain recommendations to boost your credibility
Supplement your experience with examples of your work or links to other online content
1:4:1 ratio
(Personal: New/Professional content: Retweets)
Official Twitter Account
Official recruiting account
Examine "followers" to connect with individuals
Professional Association accounts
Unique hashtags for conferences, Twitter chats, etc.
Simple Google search
Other engines such as Crowdfire or BuzzSumo
UGA Alumni who cited "Networking" as a primary job search tool
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