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Hidden Rules of College

No description

Kim Whitten

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Hidden Rules of College

Like you are not sure you know how to be a college student? Do you feel lost ? Maybe you don't know the rules. It's okay, there are hidden rules everywhere Especially in College! or Expectations Contractual "Rules" Syllabus Academic Freedom Financial Aid Handbook No Exceptions! College Catalog or Expectations Behavioral "Rules" & Dress Code Personal Hygiene Be on time & prepared Take initiative & responsibility Active Decision Making Homework
Interaction with faculty
(in & out of class)
Respect & etiquette Engagement in the Classroom Communication "Rules" Find out what is preferred Email?
In Person? , If you are not getting a response,
Follow up! The institution's chain of command Know who to ask In an emergency,
call the main number
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